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Cryptosoft Review 2020-Is it a Scam?

Cryptosoft Review 2020-Is it a Scam?

Most f the reviews we tend to have come back across reveal that the Cryptp soft platform is easy to
Their client service is very efficient. We did a live check and confirmed that they respond at intervals a moment. Moreover, they are available 24/7.
The Cryptp soft app is secure. They need all the mandatory measures in place to make sure data privacy.
The Cryptp soft System is considered by several among the most effective robots within the market nowadays. We have a tendency to realize this robot to perform virtually the same with Bitcoin Rush, another top bitcoin robot. Read the review of Bitcoin Rush for more data?
Cryptp soft registration method is straightforward, easy, and secure. You only want but 10 minutes to form an account and begin trading. Cryptp soft is a absolutely auto bot and is so accessible to everyone.
You do not want to perceive trading lingo to use Immediate Edge. The following steps can get you started with this robot.
STEP ONE: Fill the Signup type

Visit the Cryptp soft home page and register your name, phone number, and email in the provided kind. You will be asked to verify your phone variety via a text code and email through a link. CryptoVibes will ascertain that the Cryptp soft registration process is secure.

Their web site is SSL secured to confirm that hackers cannot steal personal information submitted through it. Cryptp soft cyber safety policy states that they're GDPR adherent. This suggests that they handle your knowledge with strict privacy.
STEP TWO: Get matched with a broker

The Cryptp soft Software then matches you with one in every of their partner brokers. The role of the broker is to receive deposits and facilitate transactions. We have a tendency to have determined that Cryptp soft only partners with regulated brokers.

With a regulated broker, they guarantee that your cash is safe. Reputable regulators such as the FCA, FSB, ASIC, and CySEC need brokers to segregate deposits and submit periodic reports on deposit usage.
You wold like a deposit of a minimum of $250 to trade with Immediate Edge. Do not confuse this quantity with the value of the robot. Cryptp soft does not need any license fee. The house owners of this robot build money by charging a small commission on the profits generated through the app
Deposits with Cryptp soft should be created through Wire Transfer, Visa, and MasterCard. It takes a few seconds for a deposit to reflect in an exceedingly trader’s account. Cryptp soft does not charge any deposit fees.
The Cryptp soft does provide a demo account to help traders familiarize themselves with its web-trader. CryptoVibes recommends that you are doing demo trading before going to live to trade. Please note that the demo is for demonstrative purposes solely.
The results you receive on the platform are primarily based on historical information and could therefore not mirror what you'll get in live trading.
The Cryptp soft live trader comes with features to help you outline the amount of risk you are willing to require per trade. You wish to go through the demo account to familiarize with these features. As mentioned severally in this review, you do not want specialized skills to use this robot.
Live trading with Cryptp soft involves determining the quantity of capital you plan to risk per trade and clicking the live button. Scan our review of Bitcoin Trader for one more straightforward to use the robot.
*Remember all trading risks and you shouldn’t risk more then you'll be able to afford to lose.
How to get the most out of Cryptp soft App
We have identified the following tips as paramount in guaranteeing that you make the most of Immediate Edge.
Begin with a deposit of $250 – Given the level of risk involved in trading with Immediate Edge, you should start with a tiny investment.
Follow crypto market news – You need to determine the type of reports that drives volatility high and capitalize on them. Cryptp soft claims to form the foremost profits throughout high market volatility.
Trade for eight hours per day – In keeping with Immediate Edge, trading for at least eight hours per day can help maximize profits. Cryptp soft is entirely auto, and hence you'll be able to leave the robot running as you continue together with your daily errands. You are doing not want more than twenty minutes per day to observe your account.
Close trading sessions at the tip of the day – Leaving open positions overnight is doubtless to translate to losses since the markets can change considerably overnight. It is better to shut sessions even if in the negative and start trading again the subsequent day. With a correct risk management strategy, there is no would like to fret concerning periodic losses.
Following our review we tend to realize Cryptp soft to be legit. But, traders ought to take additional caution, provided that this bot comes at a degree of risk. Whereas the app claims it's potential to form profits of up to 50percent per day, you'll be able to additionally lose the complete deposit inside seconds. This is often not sudden for a high-frequency trading robot.
We recommend that you just apply the required risk management measures. As a rule of thumb don't risk more than 10percent of your trading capital per trade. Also, never trade with an amount you cannot afford to lose. It is prudent to start small and add cash as you get conversant with the various features on the platform.
Recently, a brand new trading software was added to the bitcoin investment trade. This software is termed Cryptp soft and it is allegedly created by a corporation or organization called the International Council for Bitcoin.
There is additionally a letter out there on their web site that has been signed by someone named David. This person claims to own earned over 1,000,000 as a results of investing in bitcoins. What’s very shocking concerning this letter is that David claims to have earned that huge quantity in just one trade. If we have a tendency to place it in simple words, David became a millionaire overnight.
We tend to highly doubt that a trading system that has been launched recently will have such potential. To verify the main points of this software and to determine its legitimacy, we have a tendency to conducted our own research and investigation.
Cryptp soft is a bitcoin trading software that’s meant to assist newbie traders get involved in Cryptocurrency trading with less risk than ancient investment opportunities. Cryptp soft software was created by The International Council For Bitcoin who is PRO Bitcoin trader Group behind the Cryptp soft software. Notice out all concerning Cryptp soft software by The International Council For Bitcoin.
Cryptp soft Software may be a nice development by a famous, well established and experienced bitcoin trader Investors with a viewpoint to enable traders to perform different tasks with ease and convenience.
Cryptp soft Software is essentially a Binary choices trading software that is designed to assist traders win and predict the Binary options trend of their respective choices. Cryptp soft APP works as a code to urge financial success, shows traders how they'll make money on-line, helps them to find different ways in which to induce huge returns on their investment. The Cryptp soft Trading Software additionally provides analyses of Market conditions so that traders will recognize what ought to be their next step. Cryptp soft System gives secret cryptocurrency ways that ultimately help binary traders to create thousands of greenbacks solely for some bucks.
Several individuals can say that Cryptocurrency Trading may be a risky business and tend to remain faraway from it. But from my expertise, high volatility means HIGH RETURN OF INVESTMENT in Crypto Market. But this can be where the Cryptp soft comes into play, the mathematical algorithm used by Cryptp soft Software takes the guesswork out choosing a winning profitable trade. You don’t must be an expert. Like I said earlier, I actually have personally tested the Cryptp soft and found the success rate is about ninety sevenpercent. I don’t apprehend concerning you, but a ninety seven% probability of earning a profitable trade is TERRIBLY GOOD! I’ve never come across something like this trading software before. Keep reading, below are my Cryptp soft results for the past week or so…
Watch over the Shoulder of a Professional Each Day and you'll be able to learn as you trade.
Averaging 97% Winning Weeks With Cryptp soft which suggests that more potential profits for you
Cryptp soft Software Are Fully Transparent
No previous experience with binary choices trading required
Web-based mostly, no need for downloads, additionally works on phones, tablets
You'll be able to Even Watch Cryptp soft Signals From Your Phone (iPhone Users — Photon Browser)
If you are ready to begin making cash online with an on the spot edge, there has never been a better chance than currently. If you enjoy surfing the web for countless hours trying for the next Trading Method Secrets, never being able to urge centered, being overloaded with conflicting information, and not creating cash on-line, you ought to probably leave this page right now and get back to that Cryptp soft System strategy
Cryptp soft bot could be a new cryptocurrency trading invention that comes with options that create this software stand out among others. It is conjointly an automatic trading platform that uses a smart program algorithm to detect favorable trading opportunities. It acts on its own or waits for a prompt command from the user depending on the software’s settings. But what makes this software unique and a favorite to individuals is what we have a tendency to shall unveil in this review.
There have been lots of unverified claims of how totally different cryptocurrency software have helped several people to make massive profits leading to Scam individuals. However, it's pertinent for cryptocurrency traders to verify if a particular trading software may be a scam or legit, which is also ?
After subjecting the features of the Cryptp soft bot software to a series of tests, the software isn't a scam however legit. The Cryptp soft bot is believed to have successful rate of 85%, that is a lot of than the 80percent benchmark for average software. The Cryptp soft bot has helped cryptocurrency traders to make sensible profits, which has been documented as testimonies on the software’s website.
Trading on the platform is straightforward and might not require experience. We had to verify the simplicity of the software, and we tend to discovered that the software is easy to navigate. The demo trading feature of the software makes it potential for brand new users to hold out trading activities in an exceedingly simulated atmosphere while not having to risk their investment. This any gives credence to the legitimacy of the software because it ensures that new users get accustomed to the features of the software before continuing to measure to trade
As earlier stated, the Cryptp soft bot could be a high-tech program software that comes with exceptional options that makes it among the simplest cryptocurrency trading software in the blockchain market. The outstanding features of the Cryptp soft bot embody the subsequent:
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Dota IMBA 7.19g (plus Spring Cleaning 2020 Part 1)

So...this was originally meant to just be a bug-fix patch, but Valve dropped Patch 7.25 on the day that I expected to put this up. Not wanting to delay any of those changes for two or more weeks, I took most of the day to hastily shove in many of the vanilla changes, so this ends up being a standard balance patch, with a LOT of bug-fixes...
As fixing bugs inadvertently results in other bugs emerging (especially with a bunch of new stuff being added), I encourage players to continue reporting any discrepancies they run into. The Discord has a #spring_cleaning_bugs channel where these reports are consolidated and quickly addressed, so feel free to stop by and let us know how we can continue to improve the game.
As mentioned, this patch implements a majority of the standard Patch 7.25 changes. More "personalized" changes are still scheduled for Dota IMBA 7.20.


Neutral Items


Bounty Hunter

Shuriken Toss

Chaos Knight

Reality Rift


Death Pact

Dark Seer



Bad Juju

Earth Spirit


Elder Titan


Ember Spirit

Searing Chains


Black Hole


Phantom's Embrace


Flak Cannon
Call Down


Blade Dance








God's Rebuke


Sacred Arrow

Nature's Prophet

Wrath of Nature

Night Stalker



Flesh Heap


Nether Ward
Life Drain

Queen of Pain

Shadow Strike
Sonic Wave

Sand King

Caustic Finale






Shadow Step

Spirit Breaker



Templar Assassin

Psionic Projection


Fury Swipes

Vengeful Spirit

Magic Missile


Soul Assumption


Shadow Word



Witch Doctor

Paralzying Cask
Death Ward


Abyssal Blade


Boots of Travel

Boots of Travel (Level 2)


Crimson Guard


Ethereal Blade

Force Staff

Hurricane Pike

Iron Talon

Kaya and Sange

Necronomicon Series


Nullifier EX

Pipe of Insight

Poor Man's Shield

Silver Edge


Veil of Discord

Yasha and Kaya

Bugfixes / Miscellaneous

Minor Patch for Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

Bugfixes / Miscellaneous

  • Ember Spirit: Rough fix for Fire Remnant charges being inconsistent when manipulating having Aghanim's Scepter in inventory
  • Eul's Scepter of Divinity: Fixed both versions having separate cooldowns
  • Gyrocopter: Fixed Call Down cooldown not being updated as per patch notes
  • Nullifier: Fixed both versions having separate cooldowns
Minor Patch #2 for Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

Bugfixes / Miscellaneous

  • Centaur Warrunner: Minor improvements to Hoof Stomp's Gladiators' Pit logic
  • Centaur Warrunner: Fixed Retaliate's damage return not being affected by spell amplification
  • Centaur Warrunner: Fixed Retaliate being able to get charge stacks while the damage buff is active
  • Centaur Warrunner: Retaliate's Remnants of Return now sources the strength bonus from the modifier owner instead of the aura owner
  • Centaur Warrunner: Fixed Retaliate's Bulging Hide using a custom block system instead of the standard (and potentially not working)
  • Centaur Warrunner: Fixed Level 10 Talent "+100% Double Edge Shake It Off" not working, instead increasing Retaliate's Remnants of Return strength percentage by 1%
  • Centaur Warrunner: Level 25 Talent "Retaliate Upgrade" no longer triggers Bulging Hide from spell damage
  • Satanic: Attempted fix for lifesteal unocassionally not working
  • Tidehunter: Fixed Kraken Shell's Aqueous Leviathan not immediately updating health values due to strength changes
  • Tidehunter: Fixed Level 15 Talent "-25% Anchor Smash Damage Reduction" not showing on client-side
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Trading, psychology, and the benefits of Trading Bots.

Trading, psychology, and the benefits of Trading Bots.
Most beginners who open trading accounts on cryptocurrency exchanges and start independent trading, see only one goal — to earn as quickly as possible.
This is a big mistake. The fact is that trading on the stock exchange will only become truly profitable when it becomes a priority for the person who came to trading. As a rule, to combine trade with any other occupation and at the same time everywhere to succeed will not work.
Trading for a novice trader should be if not the main, then a very important and priority occupation. No need to wait for quick results.
Trading on the stock exchange — the same profession as a doctor, Builder or engineer. The only difference is that she can’t go to University. Just as one learns to be a Builder for five years, so it takes years to learn all the wisdom and secrets of the trade. Trading on the stock exchange is not a Stayer distance, it is a marathon. And the winner is the one who will find the courage to reach the end.
In addition, trade is very much changing a person, showing his qualities, which in everyday life he does not know. Over time, if a trader really wants to succeed in trading, he must completely rethink his life, change the system of values and look at many things, change himself.

Fear as a Component of Trading

The strongest emotion known to man is, of course, fear. What gives rise to the exchange’s fears? We can not predict the behavior of the market, and therefore fully control their money invested in its instruments. In addition to the unknown, when there is no understanding of how to safely get out of a predicament, we are afraid in advance of what traumatized us earlier. Because fear is so emotional, you need to surround yourself with the right facts to drive it away. We need to know for sure that our trading system should not generate more than three consecutive losing trades. Winners plan what to do if their trades fail.
So only a systematic approach will protect us from ourselves. That is why the investment rules written in the trading templates exist not only to communicate the best market opportunities but, more importantly, to protect us from our own internal “demons”.

Emotions in Trading

Seekers of strong emotions, adrenaline forget everything in pursuit of excitement. It follows that a novice investor, overtaken by the “adrenaline curse”, will trade at the slightest opportunity. Yet Dostoevsky, one of the most famous and avid players, said that for him the most acute feeling in life — to win money. The second most acute feeling is to lose them.
Paradoxically, few things give more pleasure than getting rid of the pain and torment of being in a losing trade. This creates a mental internal conflict. Awareness of losses brings “excitement” or a sense of exaltation, and our emotionality does not care what we pay for these experiences losses in the brokerage account. “Adrenaline curse” will drive us into the trade for thrills and extract them from there, regardless of the price.

Intuition on the Exchange

The mind of an intuitive investor tries to construct mental constructions of events. I will try to explain what mental construction is by the example of a chess player’s thinking. The grandmaster understands and remembers the position of each figure in terms of its mental constructions and relationships inherent in the arrangement of figures. The random arrangement of the figures does not fit into any of his mental constructs, and he cannot structure what he sees.
Market patterns on cryptocurrency charts compared to chess compositions include an excessive element of chaos so that they can be interpreted intuitively. Investors with intuition are able to achieve success with the help of” flair”, but this flair often leaves them. The intellect of the rational trader, on the contrary, is manifested in his ability to logically comprehend what is happening to him and to the reality around him and to make on this basis the simplest and most correct decision. Intuition is the ability of a person to penetrate into the essence of things not by reasoning or logical thinking, but by instantaneous, unconscious insight. This is the ability of a trader to “ see the market not with his mind but with his heart.” But, even with a highly developed intuition, you can not act on the market, using only it.This is the trap of intuitive trading — it is impossible to learn.

Fear of Taking Responsibility

What distinguishes successful traders from losers who lose money? First of all look at life. Most people are very passive.
If you ask people if they are happy with their lives, the answer is likely to be negative. On the question of who is to blame, I would say that the fault of the parents who have not given a good education, why now not get a good job; blame the employer who delays wages; blame the dollar, which is rising, then falling; to blame the President and the government who do not pay pensions, etc., In their troubles and problems most of the people blame anyone but themselves.
The same thing happens in the market because the exchange is a mirror of our life. Talk to the trader losing money, ask why he can’t make money in the market. He replied that the fault of the insiders, manipulators, blame the binary options broker too much Commission, to blame the neighbor who suggested the deal, which turned into a heavy loss. In other words, he himself would have been a millionaire long ago, but for a number of reasons, certainly beyond his control, until that happened.
If a person wants to achieve something-not just to lead a life, which are millions of ordinary people (every day to go to work, save five years for a car, twenty years for an apartment, etc.), and to live a full life, so that the financial issue went into the background, to work for fun, not for money, he needs to take responsibility for everything that happens in his life. A person needs to realize that the cause of everything that happens to him is himself.It is this view that allows you to succeed in life and in any business. And trade is no exception.
This is the way successful traders look at life. Once you realize that the cause of all your losses is yourself, and not some mythical manipulators, then the case will move forward.
In the age of digital technologies, when artificial intelligence develops, computer technologies improve, mankind creates various tools to facilitate their own life and everyday life.
If we pay attention to trading, then this direction is actively developing, getting new and unique tools. Since any trader (beginner or experienced specialist) is subject to emotions and various psychological factors, there are tools such as trading bots.

Trading Bots/Robots

A trading robot (bot) is a program that has a certain algorithm. It buys or sells cryptocurrency assets, focusing on the situation in the market. The first trading robots appeared in 2012, and since then they have become more and more perfect. Currently, according to some estimates, 90% of short-term transactions are made either by bots or with their participation.
Bots are usually developed for specific trading platforms. Most cryptocurrency exchanges have an API, and they are generally positive about free auto trading within their platform.
In contrast to the positive attitude to exchange robots, exchanges often have a negative attitude to arbitration robots. On the rules of trade can be found in the official documentation of the exchange, and if there is no such information, the question can be asked directly to technical support.Some people wonder: is it possible to write your bot trader? This is not an easy option, which is suitable only for experienced programmers. After writing, bots are tested for a long time in the market, corrected numerous errors, corrected strategy.
A programmer can also write a bot based on someone else’s code. Some bots are open source, and anyone can find it on GitHub and modify it to fit their needs.
Buy a bot for trading cryptocurrency: there are inexpensive programs for trading (about $ 10), and the cost of more high-quality and complex exceeds more than $ 200 and even $ 1000. There is no maximum price limit for bots, top bots are written to order $ 1500 and more.
Users are usually offered a choice of several tariff plans for crypto bots, from economy to luxury. The inexpensive option includes the most basic trading algorithms, and the expensive one brings maximum profit and works on more complex algorithms. Arbitration bots are a more expensive exchange. Known cases when downloading the bot, people got on your computer virus-miner or virus-cipher, which encrypt all your personal files and demanded a ransom in bitcoin, usually in bitcoin. Naturally, after transferring the ransom to the specified wallet, no decryption of the files occurred.
Trading strategy of stock and arbitrage bots can be very simple, for example:- When the price of cryptocurrency decreases, you need to buy it.- If the price rises, it should be sold.- Or much more complicated. The algorithm can take into account historical data for the last time, indicators, navigate by signals. Quality bots analyze more than a hundred parameters when placing orders.
Some programs do not change the algorithm, and there are bots that can connect or configure additional parameters. This option is well suited for experienced traders who have their own preferences in the style of trading.
A standard bot can perform such actions:- To assess the market situation, to monitor the rate at a given period of time, to make a forecast. In manual trading, it can show signals to the trader.- Create buy or sell orders.- To report on the profit or loss received.
On the example of our IMBA-Exchange, we came to the conclusion that we also need to provide an opportunity for each trader to use bots so that they can be in a comfortable trading environment.
Our exchange specialists are developing their own bot for cryptocurrency trading, which will be an excellent and convenient addition to every trader who wants to eliminate the psychological factor and seeks to get stable earnings without losing personal time.
IMBA-Exchange Metronix bot makes life easier for every investor.
For example, Ing. Michael Eder the CEO of IMBA-Exchange, who has 10 years of experience in trading and the last 3 years in cryptocurrency trading, has firmly decided for himself that in the current realities trading on the exchange simply needs bots:
Throughout the time that I have been trading, I can confidently say that today trading bots are necessary for all traders as the main tool. No matter how long you are in exchange trading, but the nature of the person is designed so that under the influence of psychological factors, market conditions, etc. You still make mistakes and, as a result, this leads to financial losses.Our Metronix Trading Bot will help to solve these problems and eliminate negative consequences. A bot is a tool; it has no feelings. He performs a specific task for a given program and performs it almost unmistakably. The task of the trader is to monitor the situation on the market and correctly, as well as at the right time to configure your bot.
Stay with us, in front of you will find many interesting and new.
Material developed by experts IMBA-Exchange
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Why Robin is currently one of the most misunderstood units in the meta: An analysis of generalist and specialist units and roles in Fire Emblem Heroes

There are a lot of common misconceptions I've seen floating around about Robin that have run rampant for a while, especially with him getting skipped over again in the recent refine announcements making him a surprisingly common topic of discussion. I'm hoping to dispel as many of them as I can from the absolutely gigantic pile of them that exist. For the record, I don't think that Robin is a great unit by any means, and his low tier list placements tend to be thoroughly justified (well Gamepedia's at least, Gamepress is pretty obviously wrong and dumb considering that it's ranking a unit like Ursula above him when her stat spread is equally bad offensively and strictly worse defensively, but whatever). However, viability in tier lists is strictly relative. Robin has something that I'd argue is more valuable than a high placing in the tier list: a unique niche in his role that, until recently, was one that he was simply the best in the game at within the pool of blue mages.

Generalist and Specialist roles, and how Robin tends to be built for these

There are generally two popular Robin builds that float around. The specialist build Raven/TA/SwordbreakeQR is designed to hard-counter two different groups of units, red and colorless, allowing him to hard-counter an approximate half of the units in the game. The other build, the generalist one of Owl/CC/Quick Riposte/Close or Distant Def, is designed to handle a wide-variety of threats on enemy phase by taking advantage of CC's ability to let him retaliate against melee units (especially swords) and the stats from Owl boosting his combat potency against all threats. These builds are entirely different from each other, with different roles that will generally be used by different groups of people. The former is a budget build requiring no 5* inheritance, common among players looking for a budget AA check that's cheap and effective, while the latter is more common among die-hard Robin fans looking to merge him to +10. These two builds are extremely different from each other in terms of role and usage.

Robin's potential as a unit should not be assessed based on his specialist role

It's ridiculously common to see Raven+TA referred to as Robin's "niche", the build that supposedly allows him to excel relative to his competition, something that he in particular is good at. It's a sentiment that I honestly find utterly baffling. Raven/TA isn't unique to Robin in the slightest and he's very far from being the only unit in the game who can run it or be viable with it. Triangle advantage is extremely powerful, and amplifying it is even moreso. Almost any mage in the game can commit hard to this role of invalidating half of the game's meta through extreme WTA. Triangle Adept is an absolutely broken specialist skill. Being able to lock down and secure the matchups of an entire color is very powerful, especially in modes that give you strong counterpicking power such as Arena Assault. However, it's a skill that has its limitations. It's a skill designed to help you win fights that you should be winning anyway, and will do absolutely nothing for same-color matchups that could very well be extremely relevant to the unit's performance. Triangle Adept comes with a strong opportunity cost in that, if you choose to take a generalist skill instead, your combat potency against WTA matchups will STILL be extremely strong while also giving you more staying power against same-color matchups.
Because TA is a skill that allows basically any unit in the game to essentially completely lock down their role in auto-winning a set of WTA matchups, especially when combined with Raven to double that matchup spread, it really isn't a unique niche for a unit at all and shouldn't be treated as such. There's a reason why Gamepedia doesn't account for Triangle Adept in any of its tiering builds: turning a unit into a generic "autowin all WTA matchups" essentially homogenizes them all and doesn't allow for any role differentiation to set stronger units apart from weaker ones. To put it simply, Triangle Adept is a low-investment band-aid fix to take any unit and allow them to excel at a specific role. Whether the skill is put on a top tier one or a bottom tier one their roles are essentially turned into the same thing, which is why it shouldn't be considered when trying to assess a unit's unique capabilities and corresponding viability.

Robin's specialist TA build is actually deeply flawed

To start off this section, I want to ask a question: What makes a bad unit? This is a question that doesn't really have a definitive answer, with different people holding wildly different standards for viability. Some people care a great deal about tier lists, while others subscribe to the belief that literally anyone in the game can be made viable with the correct investment.
I actually have a pretty specific and simple viewpoint on this issue. I think that a (non-colorless) unit is bad if they can't do their job of winning WTA matchups without using a breaker to do so. I feel like the absolute bare minimum you should be able to expect from a unit is being able to win their advantageous matchups by default without needing to waste one of their precious skill slots dedicated to doing so. I'd call Saias a bad combat unit based on this definition due to his reliance on Swordbreaker to win against the many powerful meta swords: fortunately he has his niche as a support unit with Ploys to allow him to be useful even despite that. There are a large number of glass cannon red mages I'd call bad due to their inability to beat Myrrh, and they can't even take a breaker that allows them to do so. And et cetera. If you need to waste a skill slot on a specialist breaker to do the bare minimum of what your job as a unit entails, then you're probably not a great unit.
And this is where the flaws in Robin's TA build start to show. His Attack stat is just too low. He doesn't have the ability to reliably one-shot sword units at all, so he's forced to take Swordbreaker along with the Quick Riposte seal in order to be even functional. The thing is, the generalist Close Counter build doesn't have these issues at all. Close Counter diversifying his enemy phase means that he can easily cover all matchups with just Quick Riposte. This opens up his seal slot to run Close or Distant Defense, which is an absolute game changer. +6 defenses for added bulk against either dragons and armors or archers and mages is a big deal that allows him to secure a much wider variety of winning matchups just because those extra raw stats are just that good. The TA build doesn't get this luxury at all, and is horribly limited in its role as a result.
Now, this isn't to say that the TA set is bad or that you shouldn't use it. I still think that TA is a broken skill for what it's designed to do and Robin isn't a bad user of it, and I use the same "bad" budget build on even things like TA Bowbreaker Cecilia because there's a lot of useful counterpicking power to specialized units. Hell yeah that build on her is deeply flawed by exactly the definition I used earlier, but it still has valuable use despite that. But still, that doesn't mean that TA is Robin's optimal build and he shouldn't be judged as a unit based on it. It wastes all of its skill slots trying to accomplish the bare minimum and lacks the much stronger matchup spread that the generalist build can offer.

Enemy-phase tank mages are much more useful in the current meta than people tend to give them credit for

This isn't the near-launch immediate post-SI meta anymore. Glass cannons are still powerful but they aren't what they used to be. Armor and dragon tanks run rampant in the meta. DC Wary Fighter armors can threaten any nuke mage that can't OHKO them with a retaliation on their very next player phase unless you run positioning skills over double rallies or pack a dancer. Dragons are infamous for being absolute monsters on their enemy phase but relatively easy to take down when forcing them to attack on player phase. Player-phase mages can still be fantastic in their own right and there aren't many of them who I'd argue that Robin is a better unit than, but his enemy-phase potential is still frequently slept on. The ability to force DC Wary armors and Steady Breath dragons into engaging in combat in their weak phase by using CC and automatically doubling them with Quick Riposte is insanely useful in the current meta. Robin's balanced and tanky stat spread combined with Owl buffs means that he currently exists as one of the single best blue mages in the game for this role.

Believe it or not, Robin in his current state is fine in the meta and is not desperate for a buff at all

This isn't to say that he shouldn't get buffed and isn't deserving of one. Like seriously, some IS employee decided that Cherche needed a prf brave weapon probably after failing to kill some broken armor unit by like six damage and wanting to ensure that it would never happen again. Pretty much anything's fair game now, and Robin, while holding a unique niche and being surprisingly viable in that role, is still relatively underpowered. But still, this isn't a case like Odin being nearly completely useless and requiring a buff to be even viable at all. Robin is good. He's not great, but he's good. He has a surprisingly useful niche that he's one of the best in the game at (he used to be THE best in the game at this until he got powercrept in that role by Odin of all people) and using him won't hold back your team. A buff for him is more than justified at this point but it's not like he's rotting at the bottom of the barrel waiting for IS to bring him up to relevancy.

A specialist-based weapon refine isn't playing to Robin's strengths as a unit at all

Specialist buff ideas for Robin tend to follow a simple design principle. Robin excels in a specialist role (TA red/colorless check), therefore, in order to buff him, the right way to do so would be to buff him to be better in this role with a prf Raven tome. This logic is already wrong from the get-go, because as shown previously, Raven sets are not even close to being Robin's optimal sets, but rather they're his budget ones that let him function as an AA check for low investment. To buff him with a Raven effect would already be going directly against his currently good potential as a generalist tank and shoehorning him into a specialist role when a generalist buff would serve him better. Allowing him to function to a greater capacity as a versatile mixed tank would do so much more for his viability than shoehorning him into his weaker niche counter role. Sure, a buff is a buff, but I'm sure that we all know that a weak refine can permanently stunt a character's potential in the meta. Takumi's a pretty common example, and depending on how you feel about her role as a team-dependent support unit, Titania can be this as well.

Mixing both generalist and specialist effects into one weapon is surprisingly anti-synergy

I'm going to go over a few common buff ideas and explain why I think a lot of them are flawed for various reasons. I will be going under the assumption that a prf for Robin will have only two effects, a base effect and a refine effect.
A common suggestion I've seen is to give him a prf Raven tome with an Owl special refine, in order to give him the best of both worlds with his current two most common build patterns. However, I believe that these two effects synergize against each other to a surprising extent. A Raven effect is a specialist effect that turns him into a niche counter against colorless and synergizes well with Triangle Adept. However, most stat buffs, Owl included, tend to scale extremely badly with TA sets. TA is a skill designed to lock your matchups in place. You win against red and colorless at the cost of always losing to green. Extra stats from Owl won't change that and don't help his matchups at all.
But what about his same color matchups? Surely those can benefit significantly from extra stats like that? And sure, they can. Extra stats are always good. The problem here is that when he has a weapon effect that mostly helps his neutral matchups, he'd benefit even MORE from having a SECOND generalist effect that also helps his neutral matchups to replace his specialist one. Doing so would significantly widen his blue coverage, and surely it's not like the difference from losing TA means he'll start losing to red units. Almost anything that can be accomplished by a generalist+specialist effect can be done better by simply stacking two generalist effects.
I know that I've made a bold claim here, but we can already see this in practice with two units already in the game: TA refine Alfonse and stat-refine combat Titania. I'm going to be making a couple of assumptions that Alfonse is being built as a regular unit designed for regular content instead of the recently-created farming-bonus-kills Arena which heavily changes his role, and that Titania is being built by someone who wants to use her for combat instead of Tactics support. Anyway, Alfonse with a combined TA and Brazen effect suffers from some weird anti-synergy. TA ensures that he'll never lose to greens, and Brazen isn't going to do anything at all to help his axe matchups when he has those on lock anyway. But his red matchups where Brazen could help him will gain no benefit from TA whatsoever. There's a reason why players tend to find the TA effect underwhelming and would prefer to commit 200 divine dew to a stat refine on him. Titania suffers from the same issue. A stat-refined Draconic Poleaxe doesn't really allow her to do anything that a default Emerald Axe wouldn't, outside of improving her green matchups a bit, but green matchups are where the TA effect is wasted. Again, dedicated users of Titania who want her to be strong in a combat role instead of a support one are often inclined to simply replace her weapon with a Slaying Axe or Wo Gùn in order to help her neutral matchups more since she should be able to win blue matchups anyway.

Specialist weapon effects aren't bad, but they need to be explicitly designed around in order to work well

Seriously I know I just spent a while talking shit about them but many units have proven that they have their place in the meta. A prime example is Micaiah, whose weapon is simply stacking specialist effects meant to give her a wide range of coverage. She won't always be able to function at maximum potential, but against a number of powerful units and team archetypes, she can pose a major threat which gives her surprising versatility. NaglfaTA/Swordbreaker Lyon is a set I like to run because he can easily run a free B-slot for a same-color breaker in order to give him much wider coverage in stacking multiple specialist roles.
Earlier I said that I went under the assumption that a hypothetical Robin weapon refine would come with only two effects, something I specified because a couple of units actually break this rule. Roy and Nephenee both come with an extra bonus effect in effective against dragons/armors respectively to compound the two effects they already have in Bracing Stance/QR5 and KilleSteady Posture. These specialist effects aren't replacing anything, they're simply compounding an already complete unit, an extra bonus buff that can only make them better. Obviously if Robin got some specialist weapon effect as an addition instead of some replacement to one of necessary required two weapon effects, I would have no issue with the extra bonus buff.
The point I want to get at here is, stacking specialist effects on a unit can be incredibly potent if done so with care in order to ensure wide and relevant coverage for them. This is something that I have basically never seen from Robin refine suggestions. They tend to generally go with the idea of taking his base kit's Raven effect at a starting point and adding something totally random to it. It doesn't allow him to excel in either a generalist or a specialist role, it just shoehorns him into one of his already suboptimal builds and then adds some effect that won't meaningfully help him. Yeah, I'm sure that if you combine a Raven and Wolf tome for him it'll sure help out anyone who uses him as a Brave Lyn check for Arena Assault, but I have my doubts that it would do much to significantly improve his viability as a unit.

Draconic Poleaxe was a mistake and should really never have happend

Robin's such a cool tactician guy! There are skills called Tactics! It only makes sense for him to get them!
God I loathe the idea of a weapon effect that would completely arbitrarily restrict your team composition in a way that would make it completely useless if you don't hold to a strict team build archetype. Way to give a gigantic "fuck you" to any die-hard fans of the character whose teams might not adhere to these specific requirements. Titania's was bad enough, but at least she's not infantry. If Robin were to get this and you want to use him in Arena, you get Robin, you get your Askr bonus, and then BAM no more infantry for you. Too bad if you had another infantry unit in your core, sucks to suck.
Also this kind of thing isn't comparable at all to Hinoka's Spear. Hinoka's Spear useful with the extremely lenient requirement of only one other infantry or flier, and scales better and better the more of those teammates you are able to provide. It will almost never be useless, and will scale with team composition in a totally reasonable way. It's not a "success or failure" binary the way Tactics are where it either works 100% or not at all with much stricter requirements tied to it.
Honestly I just see Draconic Poleaxe as a really bad design mistake on IS's part and seeing people often suggest for them to repeat it can be somewhat frustrating.

Thanks for taking the time to crap on everyone else's ideas. So what's your genius plan since you seem to hate everything else so much?

Thanks for asking! I'd personally be fine with any combination of two generalist enemy-phase weapon effects designed to compound his efficiency in the role he excels at. Just like how Roy got Bracing Stance and QR5 to improve his role in enemy phase combat, or Lilina got Death Blow and Chill Res to improve her role in one-shot potential, I think that Robin stands to gain quite a lot from two generalist effects designed to help him in his current meta role.
As for specifics, I'd call the weapon Robin's Primer based off of his appearance in Fates as he had no signature weapon to use in Awakening. The special refine effect would be the same Bond effect that Chrom's Falchion has. Since Falchion Bond is pretty much a direct reference to the pair-up mechanic in Awakening, it makes sense for Robin to receive the same refine effect, while also giving him a cool parallel with his best friend. As for the base effect, I'd base it off of his unique prf in Fates, the Book of Thoron, a high-might tome that grants a resistance boost. As a result, I think that Mirror Stance as the base effect would be a solid way to represent this. Patching up his low attack to let him secure kills more easily while also improving his dump stat in order to help his jack-of-all-trades role and let him tank dragons and mages more easily would definitely be strong for him on a 14 might weapon with an improved Owl effect.
If Mirror Stance seems a bit underpowered to you, it's because I'm kinda holding back on what my actual dream wish list for him would be: Warding Breath. Giving him a niche as the only ranged unit in the game who can use a Breath skill while letting him freely nuke with a guaranteed Ignis every combat would be incredibly powerful for him without a doubt, but I think it's probably a bit too much for ask for. Still though, that's my dream for him. Take any of my suggestions with a grain of salt, I'm kinda just throwing them out for inspiration since I'm not picky as long as they do the right job for him.
Really, any combination of strong EP effects, particularly ones that would help either his statline or special activation, would be wonderful. I think Falchion Bond as a refine is just too fitting to pass up on, but really I'd be fine with basically whatever for the base effect as long as it helps him in that role. There are no shortage of possibilities to work with here.

What about female Robin?

Honestly I didn't really need to bother mentioning her because most of what I said here applies to her exactly the same, how she excels more in a generalist role than a specialist one, how her role as an enemy-phase tank is not inherently worse than a player-phase mage, and the type of weapon I think would be ideal for buffing her. I think that the key difference between her and male Robin is that unlike him, her lack of nature access makes her almost entirely outclassed by similar mages in her role. Her 40/29/29/29/22 statline, when unable to take any boons or banes, offers no freedom of customization or optimization and is actually strictly worse than Merric's access to 40/30/32/28/19 stat spread through +Atk -HP. The fact that he also has TWO prf options to work with alongside strictly better stats, greater stat customization, and more merges available, means that unlike male Robin, there's actually no reason to use female Robin over her competition. Boey's existence as a more defense-optimized version of her that retains more stat customization for such roles roles certainly doesn't help when it means that there will basically never be a female Robin build that can't be run better by either Merric or Boey. Whatever buff male Robin gets, she needs it to an even greater extent. But y'know, IS avoids buffing GHB units at all costs unless they're absolutely forced to due to a connection to another summonable unit (like Michalis or Linus), so she'll probably get it when he does. By the way, buff Navarre you cowards. He deserves it the most out of any of them.

The main takeaway I want from this

Have more faith in Robin and the unique things that his statline brings to the table for his role as a combat unit. He's not top tier, but he holds a solid niche and is viable and even good as a generalist unit. He doesn't need gimmicks like Triangle Adept to be functional in combat, even if TA is a perfectly acceptable budget build for those who don't want to invest Close Counter on him, it's far from his optimal job and him being balanced around such a role would only hold him back in the meta. This is a character that absolutely has the potential to excel if given the right buffs (hell they pulled it off for Odin), and it bothers me to see people so frequently view him solely as a TA niche counter and nothing more. Blárraven is not at all essential to his role, niche, or performance.
Also, if anyone from Gamepress ever sees this, your Robin analysis sucks. Go update it. At least Gamepedia is a wiki so I only have myself to blame for any inaccuracies, and they do correctly use the CC build for tiering purposes. Don't tier him below Ursula when you recommend a Blade offense build on her with her shitty 29/32 stat spread when +spd Robin has the exact same offenses to work with and much greater redeeming qualities otherwise, and don't tier him below Saias when Saias is nearly irredeemably weak in combat potential.
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bones' word wall - "it's called word wall for a reason" edition

greetings, i'm bones, the aggro/midrange player of TESL and i have a few things i wanna talk about. They directly correspond to, like, practically every complaint i hear recently, especially in relation to gameplay. It's worth noting that some of these can't be blamed on our current developers, Sparkypants, because they come from darker times of neglected client, so don't go shopping for pitchforks for the amount of stuff that'll be covered in this post, but with that said, let's go through this stuff, one by one.
I want to divide this post into 3 sections:
  1. Client design (where i'll also put UI related nitpicks because there's a few of them)
  2. Core mechanics design
  3. Card design
i'll make the subsection names pretty bold so if you're interested in only one specific part feel free to scroll down to the section of your choice
starting with


I can't say anything objective about aesthetics - to each their own. Personally, the game looks much better now than it did in the old client. Loading times have been overall much shorter and that applies both to transitions between menus and switching pages in collection. Clickables on the board, while completely unnecesary, are a nice addition to the overall "feel" the game gives. The way cards look now in comparison to the old client are, again, a subjective matter, but I've grown to like them quite much, especially things like Premium Legendary Guards, they look stunning on the board. Long story short, the game LOOKS damn fine, at the very least for me. That includes the animations that cards have.
However, the speed of these animations, not all of them - mostly ones that occur multiple times per turn, depending on the deck, like Fifth Legion TraineBruma Armorer buffs on creatures played in quick succession, Bruma ProfiteeNecromancer's Amulet in similar instances, Galyn/Ungolim/Therana shuffling cards to the deck, Relentless Raider dagger (in Wispraider), cost reduction animation (for abomination scout and leafwater OTKs), Piercing Twilight banish (control decks), even something as recent as multiple instances of Training Grounds - is abysmally slow, they make the whole game feel like it's covered in some gluey substance or, in case of the new playmat, that the action takes place underwater. I know that devs are aware of it, because it's been pointed at several (dozen) times already and in Patch 2.7 they have taken a step towards fixing it - namely buffs/heals happening for cards that summon multiple creatures occur at the same time. Baby step in what to us feels like an easy solution (just replicate what was happening on direwolf's client), however i can't discredit a step being taken. Some of the decks are practically unplayable on the ranked ladder because of the animation speed, like the old terror called Nix-ox Telvanni. Figured I'd put it here mostly to keep everything I hold against the game altogether contained in one spot.
Then there comes the issue of when a card becomes interactible (for a lack of better word). By which I don't mean how good the card is, but rather the timing in between what occurs in the game. Here are two examples that I know of to illustrate the issue better:
In first case the problem is minimal, but there is a tiny chance to screw you over. In second case, it's actually pretty big, because that and animation speed makes this OTK (and many others) much slower.
Amongst other things that devs know is the issue of not being able to check your discard with a selection box present (like the one Mudcrab Merchant, Merchant's Camel, Indoril Mastermind, etc. give) which is pretty important for control decks, especially considering deck tracker is still absent. But while we're at clicking discard pile icons... How about being able to click the Deck icon to see what's in your deck? An option to view your deck is already there in Laaneth, so I can't imagine there's too much coding that needs to be done to actually implement being able to view your deck's contents.
Halfway through Heroes of Skyrim, for some reason we got buttons to remove and copy a deck in the collection menu... while simuntaneously the same options were taken away from the specific deck's menu. It's a very tiny thing, but I reckon it'd be nifty to have deck code, copying and removing deck button somewhere on the deck screen as well. By no means a high priority thing, but i thought i'd mention it nevertheless.
There have been personal issues with TESL i've been facing on both Steam and Mobile clients. On steam the game slows down a LOT just before the game starts, while server registers i'm in a game. This causes me to, often, miss mulligans. It's more likely to be on my end, but no clue what causes it. On mobile, when building a deck, clicking on an attribute once only highlights said attribute for some reason. Again, nitpicks, but I want everything gathered in one spot.
This is something that I'd call more of a wishful thinking than an actual complaint - Something as simple as being able to highlight (just to keep tabs on it) a card in opponent's hand, without revealing it obviously. This would be helpful with things like remembering Galyn target, a card that Thieves Guild Shadowfoot stole or just keeping a tabs on Tome from Daggerfall Mage or Dagger from Crown Quartermaster. With this inclusion, an option to sort cards in your hand would become available. Necessary? Nah. Priority? Fuck no. Would it be welcome? Maybe? Idk, that's more like a personal suggestion.
I feel like there should be more options for friendly matches. Since there's no reward for winning or losing them (at least not in any internal way), these would be very welcome for customization - Picking lane effects, who gets the ring when challenging, some sort of toggle for an option that allows you to draw specific cards to make testing interactions or bugs far easier, something that lets a player (or both players) see both hands to make coaching/explaining much less of a hassle in a stress-free environment - just to name a few things that come to mind.
Last, but not least, very undertalked issue. Logs. They are very uninformative. I don't think I've ever seen worse logs, sorry guys. Being limited to only 8 last events, which includes minor things like a buff happening is seriously terrible. Not only does it keep information away from each player, it comes with incredibly small amount of information. For example, when your opponent plays an item, you don't get the information whether it's from their deck or was it an item obtained via Gardener's Harvest. Another example is the card Shadowfoot stole - because it's not a copy generated by anything, logs leave no indication about the card's origin. But that's not all the issues this uninformative log causes - bug reports are much harder to actually verify! We're not ideal, we sometimes misremember things. Or sometimes things can't be logically explained. Take this for example - I somehow kept the ward on a creature after attacking with it. I have no bloody idea how did that happened and logs only tell you as much as you can see - Ordinator was placed down and opponent passed the turn, then I equipped Battlemace on Wardcrafter, swung into the Ordinator and was left with a 6/1 with Ward.
Keep in mind, I don't even wanna mention things like Decktracker and such. They'll be there when they'll be there. However, there's something that rubs me the wrong way about... Tournament Mode. You know, this thing. It's been 9 months since we've seen these two teasers, but ever since that it's been radio silence about Tournament Mode. I can understand priorities like honing the client and stabilizing expansion releases, but to tease something that community has anticipated for a good while and not have anything to show to us other than "we're working on it" is really a big let down that is worth pointing out. On a similar note, we really could use Gauntlets and Chaos Arena. Not only because they add tons of variety to the gameplay, but... um, i'll mention why a bit later.
I know I pointed fingers at plenty of issues, but this is still tons better than what direwolf offered, because we see improvements to the client done at a much faster rate, so kudos to the team and here's to hoping that whatever problems we have with the game right now are going to get solved relatively fast. So far I can't say the quality of the client has disappointed me. In contrary to...


TESL's main stand-out mechanics are rather easy to spot. Let's go over them one by one:
One a field line, the other's covered in shadows. At the point of me writing this, there are only three (soon to be four HOPEFULLY) means for someone to actually play around with more lane conditions than the default two. These being Solo Arena, Story Mode and recently added Syl, Duchess of Dementia and Thadon, Duke of Mania. With how fresh in our collection these two cards are, I'm fairly certain Sparkypants will start slowly introducing more intricate lane conditions or maybe possibly using some of the existing ones. Here you can find all the conditions available in game, in case you're curious.
With two lanes come options to move between them. This, I'd say, is one thing that TESL nails. Moving is a strong mechanic and cards that enable the move are similarly potent. If a moving card isn't utilized, it's most likely due to the card itself, not because of it having means to move - Riverhold Escort, for example, isn't played because you want your guards, for the most part, to protect the lane they're in. Cliff Strider's problem is its text that prevents it from ever going face, etc. If there was one problem someone could point out with moving mechanic, it'd probably be a very small pool of cards (a total of 1!) that lets you move opponent's cards. That, however, is probably even stronger in a vacuum and should be made extremely carefully. So yeah, overall, kudos to design team, past and current (Mad Dash is very, very good as a 1-of surprise card).
Strictly attacking between lanes seems to be kept to minimum, which is fine - the lanes are there for a reason, elevating in-between lane combat to a much higher power level is a cool idea. However, there's also... idk how do I put it better, attacking creatures not strictly? This exists in two forms. Since this part is about mechanics, i'm going to focus on only one of these here - Battle. Battle allows the creature with it to trade blows with any single one of the enemy creatures on the board. Until very recently, Battle was... actually kept in a rather nice state - cards with it saw either very limited play in some decks (Ashlander Zealot in Doomcrag, Fighters Guild Steward in Rage Warrior shortly before Isle of Madness) or were solid arena picks (Cliff Hunter, Skyborn Dragon). Some were incredibly unique, like Dragon Aspect, where you battle with your face! Had we kept it that way, no one would probably notice an issue with this mechanic - it allows a creature that has just been placed on the board to instantly attack. This includes the health it gains from its Drain, any Slay effects, Breakthrough damage, and so forth. Until Isle Battle was strong, but its strength was kept on cards that required plenty of work put in to dish out results or weren't strong in a vacuum.
Then Squish the Wimpy happened.
That card is what happens when you don't realize how powerful giving any card Charge and Bushwhack effect is. And, let's be honest, it's not exactly it - you can't battle your opponent's face - but even that has workarounds nowadays, like Flesh Atronach OTK. Between Flesh Atronach OTK (cards needed in it aren't necessarily always useful, but Squish is never really bad and Flesh Atronach can be brought back from Discard Pile with Odirniran Necromancer if need be) and the amount of ways you can use Squish in Rage/Ramp Warrior (from just removing creatures, to ramping while removing creatures, to healing and stealing creatures, just healing, dishing out insane damage with breakthrough, etc.) this card elevated Battle onto godlike status. However, if you take a gander at how good Battle was prior to Isle and how good it is now, it's easy to figure out that the culprit is one very strong and flexible card that gives interaction to a class with no interaction prior to this. Because of how much power this action carries, I don't think keeping its text the way it is and just fiddling with cost is going to make it any less powerful - even Duel Atop the World, which costs 5 magicka more and its only difference is +3/+3 to the target of the action, has seen some fringe play, mostly in decks that also ran Morag Tong Nightblade.
There's one more big thing that happens between lanes that, at least I, didn't put too much attention in when looking at mechanics. Summon effects. We don't have too many cards whose summon effects affecting opponent's cards are limited to the lane they're played in (Skaven, Tiny Dragon, Cradlecrush Giant, Knight of Order, Giant Snake, Sanctuary Pet, Belligerent Giant, Mantikora... total comes to maybe 20 cards at best) and... I'd say that's not really a good thing. I think more creatures should have its summon effects limited to the lane they're played in, both positively and negatively, however, quite frankly, I have no idea how to approach that kind of balance change for all of the cards in the game, so I'm going to refrain from in depth means of changing this. My only idea was changing Camonna Tong Heavy's Plot effect to affect the whole board, given how little play he sees. But yeah, Summon effects have gotten sort of problematic, with their instant value that's only stoppable by "silver bullet" cards. More on these later.
If utilizing two lanes in card design would get a B- from me, then utilizing Runes would get an E-. Sure, there are some interesting cards that even to this day some of the best players can't quite agree on (Wilds Incarnate being the best one), for the most part anything that isn't a Prophecy and does something with Runes themselves was very mediocre. Morokei in Singleton decks is a great card, but... it's also a Singleton card. That's not gonna bring you tons of playability. He's gonna be an auto-include in Singleton decks, but Singleton decks aren't going to top the tierlist because of built in increased variance and an unsufficient reward for gimping your deck (only three singleton cards). Mechanical Heart is the other card that brings back a rune, but it's also relatively easy to deal with, a huge tempo loss on play and unique legendary, meaning only a singular card in 50 or 75 of them in your deck. The fact that Runes have been this unexplored for the longest time is a sin, especially because coming up with things to do with them is actually very simple and straightforward.
The list really does go on. Even on this list alone you could probably make a split for offensive and defensive options.
The reason I gave Rune-related mechanics E- and not F is completely on the cards that reward you for breaking a rune - These I find for the most part very well done. Simply put, high risk, high reward cards that present a fair deckbuilding challenge to the ones willing to take it. Playing with these cards is also handled really well - they are prime targets for removal with their low health or other vulnerabilities, so it's quite easy to punish playing, for example Haafingar Marauder or Relentless Raider at a wrong moment.
This sentiment doesn't quite extend to Beast Form. By themselves, most of these cards are alright, similarly to how "rune break" cards perform. However, with Companion Harbringer and Skyforge, there was a clear attempt at introducing something ala' a Werewolf deck or a Beast Form deck. Without alternative means of destroying opponent's runes, there's not much reason to go full werewolf, sadly, and without Beast Form these cards are nothing more than understatted creatures with no weight on them. Similarly to other very fringe and not played mechanics, only the most swingy of representants see play, like Circle Initiate (for very average statline at its cost and Prophecy tag), Aela's Huntmate (draw) and Whiterun Protector (just a solid body in a midrange deck post-Beast Form). Still, probably more blame lies on underutilizing means of breaking runes rather than Companions themselves.
So let's talk Prophecies... However, not in the way people would probably think about them. Instead of trying to describe in my own words how do they feel, I'll try and draw links between them and mechanics in two other, seemingly completely different games - Team Fortress 2 and Wargroove, starting with the former Between Prophecies and Critical Hits, there's plenty of similarities.
So in TF2 Critical Hits are Random. Matter of fact, they are very similar in its randomness to Prophecies in TESL in that you can technically influence the percentage (in TF2 by dishing out damage, in TESL by... adding more Prophecy cards to your deck), but regardless of percentage, you can go several seconds with nothing but crits or you can never see a critical hit in the round. Random critical hits remove a lot of decision making from the player, as this little tidbit styled after Pokemon battle explains really well, lasts about 3 minutes tops. Now, TESL doesn't have it quite as terrible, because the "critical hit" that happens does actually end up teaching you the essentials of when to play your cards, the ordering of your actions and whatnot, however what holds true in both cases is that it feels just as bad to die to a random critical hit as it is to losing to a random Prophecy that stops your lethal. I think these Prophecies in particular are the biggest offenders - things that create insane swings capable of changing not only the way you play out the remainder of your turn, but flip the entire game upside down essentially. Your Cloudrest Illusionists, Mystic Dragons (at least early game), Lightning Bolts, Piercing Javelins, Shrieking Harpies, Golden Initiates (to an extent) and many others all affect the game state significantly the moment they are played. Again, you can (and you should) play with a possibility of these cards popping in on your turn in the back of your head, and admittedly aren't executed in the worst way because you are capable of playing around them, however losing to one of the big prophecies from first rune or dying to a prophecy lightning bolt don't feel fun, matter of fact they're pretty frustrating to lose to.
Then there's Wargroove, one of the recent games, turn based strategy (if you liked Advance Wars I highly recommend you pick Wargroove up!). The reason I'm mentioning this game is its way of handling critical hits. Instead of bigger and smaller random percentages, which no doubt would end up being frustrating to deal with, the game has conditional critical hits. For example, your cheapest infantry unit only does critical hit when the army's general is standing on a tile next to that unit. This adds a lot of depth to the gameplay and feels very rewarding to pull off successfully. As for TESL, I don't know how could you introduce something that gives you similar feeling - whether introducing conditions that one must meet in order to be able to play the card for free or just making it so that when the conditions are met that one card is guaranteed to appear during the breaking of your next rune. Maybe there's a way to somehow utilize leftover magicka from your last turn during opponent's turn. I want to just present how other games handled something that's widely considered frustrating. The details of execution I'd rather leave to card designers.
I'll explain my last pet peeve with rune-related mechanics in next sub-chapter. Conveniently, we're done with what TESL does differently to other card games, so let's move on to:
First of all, I have nothing against your Treasure Hunts, Exalts, Betrays, Assembles and the like, however I can't help but feel that all of the "new mechanics" are only here to make expansions sound better. Whenever a big release was coming to TESL, be it a story or a new set, one of the main advertising points were new mechanics. They were one of the first things we heard about the set as well, for example in case of Houses of Morrowind, for which the very first announcement covered Rally, Plot, Exalt, Betray and "5 power or more" condition. Then there was nothing new that came for these mechanics. The reason this makes me miffed a bit is twofold:
  1. We could've gotten mechanics that no other game but TESL can pull, especially anything involving Runes.
  2. If the mechanics I mentioned in the first point are too complicated to just introduce, then at least take proper care of the things you do introduce.
Things like Factotums, Beast Form, Shouts, Exalt all are probably around a card or two away from being very much viable. I don't see much reason to keep them hanging. Treasure Hunts and Rally desperately crave for more, at least from Constructed point of view. Ironically, I think the most recent monthly card, Training Grounds, together with Ring of Lordship, are... perhaps not viable, but definitely a step in the right direction, especially compared to Singleton. These two present specific deckbuilding challenges that grant you plenty of cool perks and flashy plays should you overcome them. Not only that, playing against decks built with these two cards doesn't feel unfair, because you can see the synergy coming if you're observant enough.
I'm not sure, however, what to think about Supports and Support Removal. This interaction feels very binary and, similarly to prophecies, not really fun for either side of the interaction. You're going to feel just as bad when your opponent has a few supports on their side of the board that you can't deal with as you'd feel when your freshly played support you didn't quite reap benefits from gets instantly removed by Dushnikh Yal Archer, Shadowfen Priest or Edict of Azura. I'm not sure how can this be designed in a better, more fair for both sides, way - perhaps make it so that supports have health, but can be targetted with creatures to deal 1 damage to them if guards aren't on the way, while reducing the support's cost all around, dunno really.
Other mechanics that we had since the dawn of TESL time, namely Pilfer, Slay and Last Gasp, have been for the most part kept safely tame. Last Gasp has maybe two problematic cards at best (Haunting Spirit and Balmora Spymaster, for different reasons), but at the same time I can't help but feel that the whole Last Gasp bundle is being really overlooked by all of us. Pilfer is kept at VERY safe levels, probably because of how dedicated Tier 1 Pilfer deck would negatively affect newer players - they'd feel cheated by the Master of Thieves combo, which to them would have no counterplay what so ever, especially if another card that gives any creature pilfer gets printed for Monk. Finally, Slay in a vacuum is also more or less fine, but in tandem with Squish the Wimpy and battle tricks like Sword of the Inferno, Archer's Gambit and Crusader's Crossbow starts raising a few issues, the last three specifically with creatures that have both a Slay effect and Lethal. I also think that Slay and Drain shouldn't affect your own creatures if you end up killing them with Unstoppable Rage or any of the pings mentioned above. The possibility to turn one lane with one big creature in it into almost 30 health or an OTK in one turn is rather disgusting, especially the latter, since you can just place Child of Hircine in shadow lane against an empty board and use your next turn to add a Brotherhood Sanctuary and a bunch of Firebrands, Rage and attack a total of 7 times.
There's also this elephant in the room... you know, Tricolors. What initially was perceived as a fun little gimmick (after all, why give up consistency for increased variance?) turned out to be the most viable way of building your decks. The results speak for themselves. Turns out that increased variance isn't really an issue for the tricolor player, because of several things:
Practically every possible group of people, Timmys, Johnnys, Spikes and everyone in between, have at least a few people admitting that the introduction of tricolor decks changed the game for worse for various reasons. The stats we have are definitely in favor of their strength. But at the same time there's a group of people who consider tricolor fun and different enough, which is perfectly fair. There isn't a lot i can think of in terms of solutions - rotating tricolors out first would need to happen, because honestly the design itself requires plenty of tweaking to make the games with it fun and that's not really something i know how to achieve. All of different solutions i've heard haven't really been elegant. But yeah, following rotating out the tricolor I'd either make an expanded queue for ranked/casual or run some tricolor gauntlets, should they make a comeback.
don't think there's tons of things to say about specific cards that I feel like should be adjusted or cards whose design philosophy ought to be changed, but i still feel like giving 'em a section of their own.


Starting off with something that was already talked to death by other people, most notably mr Ian Bits in his video here, namely heavy RNG cards. Now, it's understandable why are they made - giving fun to Timmys and some Johnnys, but i don't think power level of some of them is in the right spot. Biggest offenders of course being Suran Pawnbroker, Mudcrab Merchant and Manic Jack/Mutation (although i feel like Barilzar's Tinkering and Desperate Conjuring are also worth looking at). Still, this issue is explained in the video I linked far better than I would be ever able to explain it. There is, however, other type of rng cards that i feel like wasn't mentioned and is arguably a problem of similar size - Ring cards. By that I mean cards that are extraordinarily good on curve, but only with ring. When played without ring on curve, these cards have a lot more answers than with ring. Pre-nerf Goblin Skulk was very much a ring card, but even currently we have Cornerclub Gambler, Fifth Legion Trainer, Mournhold Traitor, Withered Hand Cultist to an extend belongs there too, East Empire Crafter has potential to land in this spot soon, although on a much smaller scale. Granted, when playing against control decks a lot of these become non-issues, as they have sufficient amount of early game removal to be able to deal with them swiftly, but for aggro mirrors these may as well be winrate swings.
For all the things bad about Mudcrab Merchant there's one positive - Crabo has let us play more than one 1 drop that still holds its value during mid-game. I'd say this is worth looking at closer, because if there's something to fix the issue of Ring of Magicka in Aggro mirrors, it's decently powered 1 magicka creatures. Currently 1 drops fall into one of these categories:
Even in the last category, only some decks really want these cards over others at a different point of the curve. Giving people a tad more incentive to go for Scroll Seeker or Karthspire Scout could potentially improve the means of fighting in Aggro mirrors or maybe bring back Midrange out of the sorry state it's been in.
Endurance in its current state from aggressive point of view is an ideal color - comes with a lot of overstatted creatures, perfectly pairing up with other colors, either with enabling plenty of trades or supplementing big bodies with smaller, but Warded bodies (Willpower and Intelligence) or with buffing these creatures even further and abusing movement (Strength and Agility). At this point of time we're like 99% sure that Catapult will receive a nerf, if anything then because of community issues with the big body, now made much harder to punish with Skinned Hound, but to ignore Haunting Spirit, Young Mammoth, Dragontail Savior, Corrupted Shade and Bleakcoast Troll would be similarly unwise. The problem is, I suppose, in the fact that it's really hard to balance something out regarding these 5 cards without wrecking Endurance. I have faith that our card designers will be able to overcome the difficulties currently caused by this attribute.
On the other side of the board we have cyclers and recyclers. Granted, it's safe to say that in a vacuum cards like Merchant's Camel or Indoril Mastermind are, for the most part, fine as is. Enter houses and Odirniran Necromancer, however, and we end up with cards that absolutely neglect the negatives of tricolors (reducing the increased variance) and, because of constant milling, allow these decks to find an answer to opponent's gameplan much more reliably while simuntaneously progressing forward with the board state. Don't get me wrong, it's not a problem that's only restricted to control - cards like pre-nerf Ash Berserker and Cornerclub Gambler should land here just as well. The amount of milling we have is one of the likely reasons the meta is in its extremes - it's either extreme aggro, extreme control or extreme swings/cycle. The solution sort of comes naturally - slow down! Less mill makes for a smarter game to play for both players.
The second part of "Indirect card combat" that we call pings, also belongs here. However, by that I don't necessarily mean actions that just deal damage, like Firebolt, Rapid Shot, etc. These are necessary, fair and harmless. The only problematic cards are Archer's Gambit, Sword of the Inferno, Crusader's Crossbow and Unstoppable Rage. The first two, even at their low cost of 2 magicka, are almost always used on lethal creatures to act as a hard removal with benefits - in case of Archer's Gambit it's the ability to trade the lethal creature into an enemy creature on the same lane and potentially reap benefits from Astrid's effect, for Sword it's proccing Slay twice (on enemy creature and on itself), especially on lethal creatures, on top of just being able to remove two creatures with one so long as the wielder has 3 or more health. Crossbow feels the least problematic of all of these, mostly due to its cost, but also due to lane limitations - in Shadow Lane you can't quite always deal with two creatures at the same time, due to cover. It also doesn't give Guard to the wielder, so it doesn't force 2 for 1s with benefits. Unstoppable Rage is a whole different story. It's perfectly fine as a lane clear, but becomes unfun to play against when paired with a Drain creature or a creature with Slay effect, mostly due to these two things proccing off your own creatures too. This results in even 50+ health swings on top of the lane clear. Of course, there's a difference between feeling bad and being badly designed - I don't think the card itself is problematic, you can play smart to deal with Rage for the most part, but I can't deny its demotivating effect.
Finally, there's silver bullet cards. You know, ones that are useless for all but one matchups - Grummite Magus, Memory Wraith, Piercing Twilight and Cast into Time (sort of, they're helpful everywhere to an extent), Garnag, Bedeviling Scamp and Withered Hand Cultist. These ones are probably the things I hate the most about card design. We're playing a Card Game. You can eliminate the problems by tweaking cards or card interactions in order to help players make punishing certain plays easier. Printing a card that answers the problem for you is an insult to card player's intelligence. It's the equivalent of giving a worse of two chess players an extra handicap piece that can move on any tile of the chessboard - why improve your play, when you can just play an easier game? If your goal is to welcome more casual players easily with these cards, then consider making something along the lines of an advanced tutorial. These could be a series of puzzles for free that any player can partake that would teach them the most important essentials of playing smart and playing to win. Not only that, these would play well into a marketing strategy - you can then direct someone done with advanced tutorial to the store, where he can find more puzzle bundles. It's really worth putting more effort into the game than just creating an easy answer for a card - it makes for a more compelling card game, a more satisfying esperience when you do overcome this one strategy you had troubles with in the past. Don't take this joy away from new players by giving them the middle finger card. Please. And if you're truly set on introducing hate cards to the game, at least split them into several smaller cards that affect different aspects of an archetype. Cultist, for example, should probably receive a big nerf in tandem with introducing cards that affect Summon effects, ability to be shackled, damaged by lethal creatures, affected by actions, etc.
The very last thing I wanted to mention, more as a closing note, is the speed of making changes. Hearthstone recently went on to create drastic changes to the card game, mostly in the amount of nerfs/buffs but also in changing the base set. I mentioned a lot of things in this word wall of mine and I believe introducing even half of them from section 2 and 3 would greatly increase the quality of gameplay TESL definitely deserves. But in order to get there, serious changes need to be made, for we've kinda dwelled a bit too far into some of these problems. For an example of a game that undergoes gigantic changes with every patch to keep the experience fresh and enjoyable, look no further than Dota 2. The game has balance patches which are about as long as half of this article of mine, affecting various little tidbits of gameplay. While TESL by no means has as many gameplay intricacies, it still has cost, attack, health, card text, starting hand, interactions, etc. This game has tons of potential for really compelling games across all kinds of players and between all kinds of players, but a serious amount of effort and dedication needs to be put in in order for us to get there. Passion is what got us some of the all-time great games in the past, like Chrono Trigger, for example.
But I direct this not only to design team and developers at Sparkypants, but to each of you reading this. First of all, thanks for making it to the end. I hope I didn't cause ya to fall asleep. I also hope that what you read helped you understand that not all of the enjoyable things are really good for the game and that, vice versa, there are still tons more enjoyable things to TESL that we haven't gotten yet. I don't expect for you to agree with all that I have written here - we're all humans (hopefully) and we're going to have our different points of view and different preferences. I encourage you to discuss things in the comments, for fruitful conversations help immensely in more means than one. If you come up with an idea to fix things better - post it! Sparkypants devs have been reading our feedback much more often than Direwolf devs and we should seize the opportunity to hopefully change the game for the better. In the end, if you've made it to the end, I'm rather certain that you do love this game. If a piece that takes almost the entirety of symbols on reddit is any indication, so do I. Regardless of how cheesy it sounds, this love for the game and this passion is what will make the game a better experience, and, eventually, us - better players. Whether you're a fun-loving person who cherishes all of the huge flashy plays above everything else (Timmy), a guy/gal whose primary interests lie in deconstructing the game's interactions and trying to discover more of the interesting combinations, treating the game like a box of Legos (Johnny) or you want to be the very best at everything the game offers and for your game sense and game knowledge to thrive (Spike), in the end we're all a part of this big family.
thanks and goodbye
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[WTS] Hitman 2, Gears of War, ARK, Fallout, Dirt Rally 2.0, Tomb Raider Trilogy, F1 2018, DOOM, Mortal Kombat, Stellaris, Wolfenstein, Warhammer, Pillars of Eternity, LEGO Games and much more

Hello friends! I´m back again with more energy than ever. I have been busy with college and sadly I don´t have time to play as I used to (neither use Reddit, just enter my profile and see the last time I posted in here before my return), so I decided it´s time to let go games and start paying for my own things so that´s why I´m not accepting trades right away unless it´s a game that I really want (very few, actually). This is not the full list, but because I spent my afternoon listing all of this I think you can imagine how exhausted I am; I will be adding more with each day but I think this is a good start. Feel free to ask about other games or offer me a deal for multiple ones, I may come with discounts when buying multiple games.
I´m accepting the following cryptocurrencies at the moment: BTC, ETH, LTC, BAT, DASH, BTG, XRP & LBA, so you have plenty of options to choose from!
My rep is here, it´s archived because of the 6 months period but you can see for yourself that I value all of my trades.
Game Price
A Story About My Uncle $2.60
A Way Out (Origin) $17.30
Alien: Isolation $8.60
Alien: Isolation: Season Pass $16.40
Amnesia Collection $2.70
Among the Sleep Enhanced Edition $8.10
Anno 2070 $8.80
Anno 2070 Complete Edition $20.70
Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition $5.10
Antigraviator $12.00
ARK: Survival Evolved $23.80
Arma 3 Helicopters $2.80
Assassin's Creed II - Deluxe Edition $8.50
Assassin's Creed III $11.30
Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD $5.90
Assassin's Creed: Revelations $12.00
Assassin's Creed: Rogue $9.50
Assassin's Creed: Syndicate $13.50
Assassin's Creed: Unity $14.00
Assetto Corsa $13.80
Badland GOTY $3.60
Bastion $3.60
Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY $3.90
Batman: Arkham City GOTY $3.90
Batman: Arkham Knight $5.30
Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition $7.90
Batman: Arkham Origins $3.60
Batman: Arkham Origins Season Pass $11.60
Beat Cop $5.10
Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians $5.10
Beholder $3.60
Besiege $7.20
Binary Domain $4.20
Black The Fall $3.00
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle $23.80
Bomber Crew - Deluxe Edition $5.90
Borderlands GOTY Edition $8.20
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel: Season Pass $10.10
Broforce $11.40
Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons $4.80
Brutal Legend $2.80
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare $8.70
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 $14.70
Child Of Light $11.90
Civilization IV: Complete Edition $6.70
Civilization V: Complete Edition $11.20
Company of Heroes 2 $5.60
Company of Heroes 2 (Platinum Edition) $11.50
Cook, Serve, Delicious! $3.90
Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! $3.50
Costume Quest 2 $4.90
Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition $5.60
Darksiders III $35.30
Darksiders Warmastered Edition $2.90
Dead by Daylight $12.30
Dead by Daylight Deluxe Edition $24.90
Dead Island - Definitive Collection $13.90
Dead Rising 2 Off The Record $7.60
Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition $16.90
Deadcore $5.50
Deus Ex: Human Revolution $9.00
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Directors Cut $11.20
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided $6.80
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided $6.70
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Digital Deluxe Edition $11.50
DiRT 3 Complete Edition $2.90
DiRT Rally $7.90
DiRT Rally 2.0 $41.10
Dishonored 2 $10.70
Dishonored: Death of the Outsider $10.20
DOOM $10.60
Doom 3 BFG Edition $5.30
Doom VFR $13.80
Door Kickers $5.20
Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition $9.10
Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition (Origin) $9.10
Dragon Age: Origins (Origin) $4.50
Dragon Ball FighterZ $27.00
Dying Light: Bad Blood $15.80
ELEX $18.80
Elite Dangerous Commander - Deluxe Edition $48.40
Elite Dangerous: Horizons Season Pass $22.70
Elite: Dangerous $22.20
F1 2018 $19.20
Fallout 3 $4.00
Fallout 3: GOTY $6.40
Fallout 4 $11.30
Fallout 4: GOTY $18.10
Fallout 4: Season Pass $18.50
Fallout Classic Collection $5.00
Fallout: New Vegas $8.50
Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon $4.60
Far Cry Primal $15.40
Final DOOM $3.70
Final Fantasy VI $12.00
Final Fantasy XV $27.80
Final Fantasy X-X2 HD Remastered $13.10
For the King $4.60
FTL: Faster Than Light $8.50
Furi $9.70
Gas Guzzlers Extreme $4.90
Gears of War 4 (PC / Xbox One) $7.60
Gears of War 4 Ultimate Edition (PC / Xbox One) $38.20
Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved $7.20
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier $13.50
Goat Simulator $3.80
Grand Theft Auto IV $9.10
Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes from Liberty City $4.90
Grid Autosport $6.00
GRIP: Combat Racing $15.70
Guardians of Middle-earth $2.80
HITMAN 2 $25.20
HITMAN 2 Gold Edition $42.00
HITMAN 2 Silver Edition $29.30
Hitman GO Definitive Edition $5.40
Hitman: Absolution $6.80
HIVESWAP: Act 1 $2.00
Hollow Knight $14.30
Homefront $2.40
Homefront: The Revolution $6.90
Human: Fall Flat $5.60
Hunt Showdown $29.30
I am Bread $3.30
Injustice 2 $8.50
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Into The Breach $10.40
Invisible, Inc. $12.70
Jotun: Valhalla Edition $2.70
Just Cause 3 XXL Edition $8.20
Just Cause 4 $30.00
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes $10.60
Killing Floor 2 $6.40
Killing Floor 2 Digital Deluxe Edition $7.70
Kingdom Come Deliverance: Treasures of The Past $4.20
Kingdom Come: Deliverance $28.60
Kingdom Come: Deliverance From the Ashes $6.90
Kingdom Come: Deliverance The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon $6.90
L.A. Noire: Complete Edition $10.00
L.A. Noire: DLC Bundle $3.00
Layers of Fear $2.60
Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition $5.10
LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham $3.90
LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Season Pass $4.00
LEGO Batman Trilogy $5.60
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 $3.70
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 $4.00
LEGO Jurassic World $4.70
LEGO Lord of the Rings $1.80
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes $6.80
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 $11.90
LEGO Marvel’s Avengers $5.20
LEGO Marvel’s Avengers Season Pass $7.80
LEGO The Hobbit $1.90
Lego Worlds $7.50
Limbo $5.70
Mad Max $5.50
Magicka $3.70
Magicka 2 $4.70
Medal of Honor: Warfighter $7.70
Mega Man Legacy Collection $3.60
Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience $11.40
Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor GOTY $5.20
Middle-earth: Shadow of War $12.30
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Mirror's Edge (Steam) $7.10
Mirror's Edge Catalyst $9.30
Mortal Kombat - Komplete Edition $6.70
Mortal Kombat X Premium Edition $6.70
Mortal Kombat XL $7.80
MotoGP 18 $21.80
Murdered: Soul Suspect $7.30
Mytheon $4.90
N++ $5.90
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 $17.50
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy $39.30
NBA 2K19 $20.90
Never Alone Arctic Collection $6.20
Observer_ $6.50
Octodad: Dadliest Catch $10.50
One Piece Burning Blood - Gold Edition $28.50
Opus Magnum $14.70
Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition $9.70
Orwell: Ignorance is Strength $4.80
Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You $1.70
Osiris: New Dawn $18.90
Outlast $4.50
Outlast Whistleblower $2.60
Overcooked $6.50
Overcooked! 2 $18.40
Overlord $3.70
Overlord II $4.70
Payday 2 $7.60
Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire $21.00
Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Season Pass $25.80
Pillars of Eternity: Definitive Edition $18.10
Pillars of Eternity: Hero Edition $8.20
Pillars of Eternity: The White March - Expansion Pass $16.30
Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part I $9.10
Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part II $8.40
Planet Coaster $27.50
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (Origin) $13.70
Poly Bridge $4.30
Poly Bridge $4.30
Prey $10.30
Prey: Mooncrash $10.60
Real Farm $14.70
Resident Evil: Revelations $3.90
Rise of the Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary $14.10
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam $6.30
RIVE $3.60
Rocket League $12.00
Rogue Legacy $6.70
Ryse: Son of Rome $7.20
Saints Row 2 $4.80
Saints Row IV $7.20
Saints Row IV: Game of the Century Edition $9.20
Saints Row: The Third $5.30
Sanctum 2 $2.60
Satellite Reign $2.30
Scribblenauts Unlimited $3.20
Shadow Complex Remastered $6.10
Shadow of the Tomb Raider $35.30
Shadow of the Tomb Raider Croft Edition $50.80
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun $9.70
Shadow Warrior: Special Edition $3.80
Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown $6.80
Shadowrun Returns $2.60
Shadowrun: Dragonfall (Director's Cut) $6.20
Shadowrun: Hong Kong $3.80
Shadowrun: Hong Kong (Extended Edition) $4.20
Sheltered $3.50
Skyhill $4.30
Sniper Elite 3: Afrika $7.00
Sniper Elite 3: Afrika: Season Pass $13.30
Sniper Elite 4 $19.90
Sniper Elite 4 Season Pass $21.50
Sniper Elite V2 $4.10
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army $8.00
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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Season Pass Edition $8.90
SOMA $5.60
Soulcalibur VI $35.50
Spintires $5.00
Splinter Cell: Conviction $8.50
Split/Second $8.50
Spore (Origin) $6.50
Star Wars Battlefront II (2005) $7.00
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Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition $4.40
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic $4.80
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 - The Sith Lords $3.90
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II $8.30
Starward Rogue $2.60
STASIS $6.10
State of Decay Year One Survival Edition $7.70
State of Mind $10.30
Stellaris $11.00
Stellaris - Leviathans Story Pack $6.30
Stellaris - Plantoids Species Pack $5.20
Stellaris: Apocalypse $12.50
Stellaris: Distant Stars Story Pack $7.70
Stellaris: MegaCorp $17.40
Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn $7.20
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Street Fighter V $10.70
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Super Lucky's Tale $12.00
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Tekken 7 $21.80
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The Bureau: XCOM Declassified $3.00
The Crew $10.60
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The Crew Wild Run Edition $13.40
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Legendary Edition $12.10
The Escapists 2 $12.50
The Escapists 2 Season Pass $9.40
The Flame in the Flood $2.20
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut $5.30
The King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition $3.90
The LEGO Movie: Videogame $5.40
The Long Dark $21.50
The Walking Dead $4.80
Thief $10.80
This War of Mine $5.20
This War of Mine - The Little Ones DLC $5.20
Tomb Raider $6.90
Total War: Shogun 2 Collection $11.30
Tower Unite $5.40
Toy Soldiers: Complete $6.90
TrackMania 2 Valley $7.20
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Trials Evolution Gold Edition $8.10
Tron 2.0 $4.10
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Tropico 5 $7.70
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Tyranny Commander Edition $12.70
Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War III $9.30
Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide $5.30
Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide Drachenfels $5.70
Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide Karak Azgaraz $7.10
Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide Schluesselschloss $2.60
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 $16.00
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Shadows Over Bögenhafen $8.50
Wasteland 2 $9.70
Watch Dogs $12.40
White Noise 2 $4.60
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus $18.90
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Season Pass $16.30
Wolfenstein: The New Order $5.10
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood $6.20
Worms Armageddon $3.50
Worms Clan Wars $3.60
Worms Reloaded GOTY $3.70
Worms Revolution $3.30
Worms Revolution Season Pass $4.70
Worms: Weapons of Mass Destruction $10.30
Zombie Army Trilogy $7.40
Zombie Night Terror $5.30
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New Atlantia: The ruins of Greenway "concept pitch"

name of the game:


New Atlantia: The ruins of Greenway


project pages:



some descriptive terms:


an open source cross-platform title (also works on mobile), openGL powered and created in conjunction to blender

uses Godot Engine and is fully moddable through use of API (softwares)

makes heavy use of procedural generation and uses a random HEX seed that you can enter manually to set the generation environment up

persistent sandbox game with fully destructible environment including ablation of the ground and hill/mountain-sides through use of explosives, lasers, and drills/diggers

game makes use of other open source projects such as chromium for the integrated web-browser and tox for chat and voice. The game automatically starts an instance of I2P and plays exclusively over the darknet, though exit nodes should be available and darknet can be disabled for censorship related purposes, but games/server instances needs to have exit node enabled to allow censored players to join the I2P network through the exit node

the only advertising is the official greenway splash in teh beginning of the game when you start it up that explains a bit about the game and asks you to please join operation greenway and join the effort to create a green and good greenway

the game is meant to be played online, but there is a single player offline option as well




open source honestyware




the game will be funded by a 30 second timed monero miner that deposits the crypto into the operation greenway "trustfund". donations in other currency will be accepted and then converted directly into monero deposited into the secured fund for this project. no funds from teh project may be diverted into other government projects, but other relevant government projects may deposit funds into this one if their funding structure supports the transfer of funds to relevant projects. GreenSoft will receive 20%=



"to provide the most playable and fun sandbox on the open source market, and make the first fully open source 3D game of its kind, to simulate Greenway up from the ruins, and bring civilization back into outer space. to foster creativity and fun along with promotion of greenway and awareness to issues with various political systems in the civics mode of the game. to gather support for operation greenway through a donate and involvement buttons right on the front loading screen of the game"


disclaimer and excitement:


this may sound like a coders nightmare with all the parallel integrations and imbedded VMs running linux with open ended compilers within the code, but trust me, in the future, people will look back at this project as one of the most noble software engineering feats ever pulled off for the sake of open source community (and advertising a micronation!). the goal is to blow not only the people but developers themselves away with an entirely new set of in game mechanics based ont only on useability but underlying software paradigms like cloud resource computing and network cluster driven computation acceleration (experimental distant scene rendering over network). I guarantee that after all is said and done and if the project ever gets finished or damn near close, that the payoff will be big and the greatest reward will be hearing all the happy people talking about THE KILLER APP FOR ALL SYSTEMS.

one major issue is game overhead, and the fact that the game will need to run either a lot of processes or one large bloated process with an internal task manager to manually adjust game settings to get compatibilities just right and fine tweak the system; the game will be small enough and huge at the same time, with the inclusion of multiple tools and imbedded software releases in each version

this is a HUGE PROJECT for a HUGE OPERATION, one for all, and all for one, to promote and secure domestic tranquility, greenway's government will most likely be releasing "New Atlantia: The ruins of Greenway" before the artificial island is built, which will foster a flood of hoestyware payments and donations (honestyware payments disable the 30 second donation and cryptocurrency miner script)

don't feel daunted by the task. when you are in doubt, turn to something else on the LONG LIST OF THINGS TO DO or even just make some concept art sketchups on the computer or play the currently progressed version of the alpha/beta game

i think that an etherpad based editor for making the game would increase the flow of ideas sharing. more open source collaboration softwares should be researched and discussed for greenway and for the purpose of this document, particularly focusing on the digital side of things such as this game concept

!create this decade's killer app, "New Atlantia: The ruins of Greenway" and help support operation greenway's mission to gather attention in the international public's eye and earn free advertising forever!




based loosely off of ideas found in atlantis (a lost civilization), fallout 3 (video game), ark: survival evolved (video game), eve online (video game), space engineers (video game), half life 1/2 (video game), halo wars (video game), no man's sky (video game), aliens versus predator 2 (video game), metal gear solid 3: snake eater (video game), altered carbon (show on netflix), crysis series (video game), defcon (video game), portal (video game), xxx

an alternate universe with some parallel timeline characteristics (E.g. the lost civilization of atlantis, heisenburg {"heisenbohr"}, xxx)

antimatter warheads were launched in a global nuclear war on an alien planet in a distant galaxy far far away, star wars, with humanoids called prometheans who had advanced technology all over the planet because of developments in private industry that took off with the freedom in Greenway

you start off in the ruins of greenway, everything looks like fallout 3
you are born to parents who lived in the sewers (common spawning story at a random sewer in game)
you quickly learn to make fire and weapons from wood and rocks, moving to slingshots and crossbows, and later eventually graduating to ar-15s and plasma casters
raid the ruins to find useful items including tools, weapons, and ammunitions
you also learn to make a shelter, house, fort, and even an entire city with the blueprints you will discover throughout the game
later in the game, you will be able to build a spaceship, spaceport, and even a frigate and mothership, all in the spirit of space mechanics, where you first forge the pieces and then put them together either by template (blueprint) or manually by hand
like ark survival evolved, you will need to scavenge and hunt for resources on your own time
destroyed objects typically contain scavengeable parts

adventure through the ruins of a highly-advanced technological civilization
advance from meager sewer person to founder of New Greenway
re-create greenway in all its glory and adventure into space to explore and colonize

form a clan and play through the game to decide your faction. you can declare a truce with a player of that faction and work with them to earn respect in that faction again, getting to neutral and then friendly again. factions work like a tree with branches, you start in the trunk neutral with everybody and as you progress through the game, you naturally will align with one of the branches and finally a sub-set branch, where your position is indicated by a coloration of each branch (and a "leaf"?)

your goal is th befriend bots and real people to help you rebuild civilization and re-establish greenway, from anarchy to law and order. the game has persistent bots with progressively learning AI that will learn from your previous actions and interaction dialogues. you first make a city, then you unlock civics, and then your goal is to rebuild greenway and launch into space to colonize and scavenge for blueprints in engineers manuals and high tech including fully working antimatter powered ships in the holding bay of some ships.

game style is all vs all and cooperative through factions and clans, with PvAI and PvP gameplay, such as shooting a friend to steal their blueprints or having your fort attacked by a mob of angry AI. there is a setting to disable PvP in private servers but PvP is enabled in the official servers. there are "quests" you perform like in fallout 3 that progress you further towards colonizing outer space. players and AI can work together to build up civilization again from the ruins. one cooperative element is a donation library where books/blueprints are available from donations by players for checkout for limited periods of time (1 week of in game time). there is a clan management interface

greenway was an artificial island mass created in 1200bce relative to the game time by the prometheans as an escape from the authoritarians growing up around and warring among them. greenway eventually fell to the world war and the civilizations surely crashed beneath them. the startup videos show animations of greenway when it was green and good, being nuked with antimatter weapons in the year 1120bce. greenway took off into space but dies out due to an infection of aliens who are still lurking in intact ships within the galaxy waiting for you to discover the horror; by the year 400bce most of the underground cities died out and only the sewer dwellers in between remained; you are spawned in 0ce and the game has its own progression of time from there

you must first develop a boat and explore the surrounding islands to find the blueprints needed to create an airplane and fly to the nearby landmass about 250km away from greenway, then from there procedural generation takes place and all is free game, but there you will discover triangle craft blueprints and now you can fly around the world and into outer space once you reach the tech level to build them.

players can barter with each other and bot traders will trade with you too based on your disposition towards them; you can eventually find small towns with bazaars and markets to browse; open a store and start a business, evolve into an enterprise including enforcing security and/or mercenary contracts that you can pickup at a local bar or from select bots or any real player

players work together to make the civilization thrive again, from anarchy and ruins to a metropolis in outer space, greenway needs you to join the efforts on this game

realistic game mechanics where habitable worlds are within the goldilocks zone for their sun. deploy a garrison of bots you employ to terraform and colonze the planet's surface for greenway or your own nation

political simulator and sim city / tycoon like overview of your installation/s; Write a constitution for your state and federal government; Machine readable converter automatically marks up your document in AIML to simulate your text as a civilization (experimental); also you can choose the easy version which has templates of various useable texts for your political experiment!

the game is the first of its kind with an open universe fully destructible sandbox with persistent bots with deep-learning AI

the game also houses several mini games including the ganja seed card trader game (cryptocurrency backed seed growing and collector card game) and new atlantia: pirates which is based off of otys (board game)


game features and mechanics:


hire private security to protect your installations/bases/forts

work jobs to earn items

real time strategy war elements for fights like halo wars (video game)

imitate the jurassic world evolution game and make it possible to extract dinosaur DNA from fossils/amber and create dinosaurs (requires high tech level); downside is that in the future their could be hella dinosaurs everywhere

imitate the alien/predator movies and make it so that you can discover dead xenomorph or predator DNA and resurrect them by incubating in a sea mollusk or embryo, which you can discover the method by finding a journal or random chance

realistic DNA editor and genome sequence simulator that uses cloud resources of all gamers to compute and is redirectable to a local cluster computer with optional resource share (all resource sharing is adjustable in game with defaults based on hardware performance ratings versus settings and adjustable system overheads)

life on other planets; collect specimens to keep in a panspermic zoo and collect DNA from specimens to create splices

jumpgate codes and star maps for foreign systems (requires 0% discovery to have all solar system details)
puzzle solving and "hacking" to get into locked down areas, enable power, decode transmissions on your full-spectrum broadband transceiver, and disarm bombs for example

panspermia stuff with contagions on ships as a possibility which will form a biofilm in your shuttle and make you sick or cause a zombie plague

player ownership is primarily established by dominance but later on in the game there will be private security for hire to protect your shit and also police in the cities and sheriffs on the outskirts until the anarchist nomad zones which are areas that do not have enough established dominance or near enough to a city to be considered claimed territory since claims are too heavily disputed and non-enforced; you respawn naked back in the sewers where you started and need to work your way back up to get into your stashes until you are back in business

mining can be done for multiple reasons along with archeological digs to find artifacts and lost underground areas/cities

enable craft to dive into the oceans/lakes/rivers/streams for cover and enable underwater cities

bug reporting with screenshots and "frapping" (video/audio camera roll) built in and crash reporting directly to the team

underground cities and caves that go into pockets of underground water (clean water)
bullet time (single player only)

fog of knowledge (like fog of war)

grow a garden outside or indoors and even inside of your personal cruiser a few plants in a little closet, like cannabihopa plant that is effectively hops and cannabis in one with smokable buds rich in myrcene and thc/cbd/etc...

the ruins in space will be the most interesting, with scavenging having big payoff for big danger, like reactors that melted down after the craft were struck by antimatter rockets, and having to pass through a reactor room in your suit and get to the "Detox station" in time before you are fully radiated and your health drops to zero
i would also like to have HEV suits you discover in a partial map of the black mesa compound in a desert area on your home planet. the black mesa compound has all sorts of tech you can scavenge but is highly disputed by private military (bots) which also have robots and drones who will chase after you to kill you

the space component of the game will have dead highways of jumpgates that require power supplies to be repaired and the correct system and code sequence to be entered to bring you where you want to go. some gates have unlocked systems, but those owned by a foreign nation will have a passport code you will need to have a valid passport for to use or know a skeleton code (skeleton codes only work for their player and are a very rare random thing to find, sometimes the best place to look is a pirate ship or an anarchist lifeboat

you can fly all over the planet (flight simulation), but you start off in the ruins of greenway, in new atlantia, where the library of congress is, and you have to discover it among the ruins after you travel to a completely distant part of the map in your country of ruined greenway

advanced players will have entire industries under their control, and an "empire manager" is available as a "HUD" in game where micromanagement of your industry can take place all over in outer space and your commands be transmitted at the speed of light through a wormhole (you must create all the necessary infrastructure)

realistic solar systems and procedurally generated goldilocks planets that also enable non-goldilocks planets to be used with realistic heat, chill and bio-zones

heavy focus on user interface and user experience; futuristic steampunk look

other bots and players on the map can start forts and make cities and start their own nations, particularly the bots on other parts of the map who will work with or against you and your fledgeling nation of new civilization.

eventually there will be dinosaurs and aliens along with predators running around which will slow down everybody, and we need to try and ensure that the mechanics of the game make reproducing viable offspring require a high tech level to create so there are far less instances of "festering plagues"; aliens/predators and dinosaurs can sneak into your forts, cities, and even ships and come along for a ride to kill you and your crew and screw up everything; this feature will be disabled in at least one of the official servers to prevent infected plagues of servers which you die in 10 seconds every time since the aliens are everywhere since their bots and AI keep reproducing (evolutionary genetic based algorithm for AI traits)

discoveries and quest accomplishments along with defeating enemies and hitting certain wealth proportion and empire goals earn you XP which levels you up, building will increase your construction level for example, with no cap on available levels

extensive server administration interface with "resource injection" commands and "bot spawning" commands

dynamically changing environment with real erosion from water flows and seasons and weather and daytime nighttime, and procedurally generated fauna which are harvestable and actually follow population mechanics and statistics; it is possible to hunt animals down to extinction but unless every part of the animal is used, DNA can be extracted and it can be made again in a lab with high enough tech skill even viable to reproduce in the wild

splice dna from different fauna to create new creatures; custom create dna from scratch to make newer creatures with the creature designer

tame creatures to work for you and even ride them; use creatures to form a caravan and carry your stuff; creatures will stay loyal to you as long as you do not hit them much and cause damage, otherwise they will flee (some will immediately fight back based off of intrinsic aggression and predatory traits); imprint on creatures created in the lab often like the alien to make them your loyal children and unleash hell upon your enemies

your camouflage pattern will hide you when you are in a suit. change camo on the suit in the menu like in metal gear solid 3: snake eater; you will have an alertness indicator on your HUD that shows whether or not you have been seen and from who and what angle; become a master of sneak and sabotage, use your skills to rob installations and build up your stock (no penalty for selling stolen items as long as it is not sold to a narc or undercover who is aware of the theft)

there is an ingame internet based on TOR that a user can accumulate through raiding military journals to learn how to build a computer and a mesh-networking router (gigahertz {land/craft} @ 10GB/s & tertrahertz {space} @ 3.333333333333TB/s limited speeds) with b.a.t.m.a.n, which actually runs a simulation of this network protocol and realistic packet failure over wireless networking based on distance and obstruction type

drive a plethora of craft and design your own with either blueprints or from scratch, with every level of detail available (complete mechanical diagrams are modifiable and entirely custom designs can be implemented)

neural design in AI to solve complex puzzles by trial and error and probability based shortcuts to learn new foes and environments quickly as real life does; use of OpenAI (an e_musk/tesla company)

the ship can be set to autopilot either on a set route and defend itself and try to refuel and repair at a nearby station if available (costs items placed in the auto-barter section)

dynamic economy simulation and insights once you attain a high enough bartering skill, when greenway is up and running, a metatrader (software) like interface of available tradeable resources and their relative values tied to the closest thing to a credit in the game, a unitoshi which is the base numeric value of all items traded in game and used to compare item's values to one another by the in game engine

there is a low light amplifier (like in avp2 video game), and vision modes (like in avp2) along with cyborg enhancements such as a telescoping eye with rangefinder and "FLIRed" (technology name for forward looking infrared) binoculars for the poor men who need to stash their tech

dying does not affect your levels and knowledge, because you are re-created as a clone at a cost, including debts where people will come after you after a long enough time has gone by from your last clone, this is from altered carbon (show on netflix), where your new clone body is called a sleeve, and your consciousness is uploaded via satellite and other wireless transmitters to the clone corporation which is always anarcho-capitalist and always has more power than the government because it owns all the "reboots"; rebooting into a sleeve is a phrase in the game; this is equivalent to respawning, but it incurs debt for the bounty to recover your disk. there is always rolling charge to upload your consciousness which is rolling autosaving but on average through an insurance algorithm your rolling update will pay off more than the bounty to recover your disk each time you die, and the charges are lower the less often you die vs the bounty on your disk which only rises each time you die till it is maxed out at like 100,000,000 credits which you have to get by bartering or working for the company collecting disks for bounty; the disk is dropped in a nearby system and you have to go and pick it up for a pittance, or with a high enough tech level and enough contract experience, you can go on deep space missions and travel to distant star systems to collect as many disks as will fit in your cargo bay; disks are a genetically engineered biological computer that stores information quantumly through nanocellulose and diamene coating to make nanotubes that are indestructible and can operate in the tetrahertz microwave range, they are also bioluminescent and ink photovoltaic based, capturing their data through a biological optic cavity system near the pineal gland. they must be inserted as a clone is growing and the pineal gland must have this disk copied into the new biologically formed disk through transcranial magnetic stimulation

plenty of maze like portions of procedurally generated dungeon like caverns and interiors of buildings with no labels inside vast underground cities; plenty of dungeon crawling style excitement; use portals like in portal (video game) to cross into difficult areas secured within the black mesa compound

puzzle solving will also be an important step in fixing things that you do not have a blueprint for

join and exit formations at your leisure and command armies from near and afar

form a strategy and create a work team to build your forts and cities

global map overview like defcon (video game) has the ability to strategically place your formations around a planet, and a 3d outer space voxel based layout grid allows you to command in space and the air, with the grid center projected from the center of the galaxy

build and battle mech suits like the alice combat system (avp2 video game) and iron man (comic book) or animatrix (movie) suits


game features:


in game DTV broadcast systems project national games and tournaments when they come online in the official servers, and can be hacked to display avi, mkv, and mp4 files of the users desire; smart tv systems that can recognize spoken words from the user mic and follow commands

computers in game have access in an in game internet with websites createable by the user and virtual camera phone/tricorder devices that can capture pictures, audio from the mic, and record video; use webcams to create a security surveillance grid (uses ispyconnect and/or ZoneMinder and virtual camera/s in the game); use a laptop in the field to pilot a drone or an army of drones from your cluster computer in your tribe's fort; there is an in game instance of openStack running enabling limited cloud computing for the DNA sequence calculations; create a real life cloud service computer system or order one to gain computing power in the game (can be a profit point for the team to maintain the dedicated server); multiple cameras available to access reminds me of red faction (video game) or even duke nukem 3d (video game); get military security with encrypted computers running veracrypt, prevents computers from being nearly as hackable; KeePass software protects the computer from easy break ins and bruteforcing is required from another computer; each computer running needs a small amount of system resources and there is cluster computing under openstack (software project) within the game as well as cloud servers hosting the game to bruteforce 8-char max passwords; computers store data on cloud servers hosted by "GreenSoft" alongside the dedicated servers and outproxy nodes for "bridging" into the I2P network; experiment in distributed computing to enable network accelerated VMs though virtualbox tweaks and re-writes

in game internet is wifi mesh networking over b.a.t.m.a.n with (sharded?) tahoe-lafs storage for each user account on each dedicated server cluster

learn to hack in the game using legitimate hacker tools like the kali linux (distro) collection where you collect programs you find in military bases and on holodisks scattered throughout the game

the storage of user datas is distributed throughout the network via multiple redundant shards or shard seeders. the network automatically balances the shards based on checksums of data stored locally on their machine within a veracrypt container that only the zero-trust distributed system knows the master key to (the ceremony is a distributed trust system where all peers generate a portion of a master key, the more people contribute the better, this is part of the initialization time for the game and all servers for through a ceremony

there is an ingame spoof of cryptocurrency where fake FLOPS are taken from machines you build or find/steal/hack and a monero style cryptocurrency using moneta verde mining schema, you have to collect this greencash source code from the state bank ruins in New Atlantia

interstellar mesh networking using lasers as optical network inside the jumpgates which connect to a wormhole device that pipes the signal as UV lasers

smartphones in the game are achieved via QEMU in VM running a legitimate version of replicant that can run apps off of the internal flash or holodisk memory

make microchips in a lab that the gnu octave engine will simulate outputs for and translate to useable elements in game like outputs in a serial console on an atmega (microchip brand name); specifically the microchips will be simulated down to the assembler level and FPGA language (Verilog) will be used to code the logic circuits

audio and video streaming provided via tox and all streams are password protectable

the programming studio built into the game computers debian linux mint is eclipse studio (software) for all programming languages comes with compilers for all major human programming languages, enabling people to create homebrew ingame; includes godot, blender, and api. capable of compiling FPGA Verilog and running an instance of QEMU and virtualbox within itself;

antimalware engine in game computer is based on real antivirus definitions for linux (clamav, Chkrootkit, xxx)

in game linux has clone mirrors to real versions of the software available to people, with the server administrators manually enabling or disabling separate packages to make available to their users (uses more disk space the more packages are available; repositories point towards the dedicated server and fetch through regular I2P; dedicated server serves as a whitelister and access restriction program that only allows connections to eepsites created using the same server token, effectively creating a sub-darknet because outside access is restricted by token signed in conjunction with the user account public key for that server instance


program features:


updates implemented through torrents and auto-update scripts and automatic md5 hash checking for integrity with fetch from main server; source code borrowed from qBittorrent; xxx

game available over torrent as alternative to synaptic package manager or download from the ftp/http web server (resume supported from server)

game music is streamed via TOX to all connected clients via the dedicated servers song tracklist; mp3, oog, and wav are all supported (along with experimental midi + instruments over network); single player server runs an instance of tox signed in as the music stream ande you can select the songs like the server admin

sleek interface integrates dedicated server to gameplay and you can play as the mod and spawn items while controlling your server from the same in game UI

possible to run in a VM with guest extensions for 3d rendering installed (makes compatibility for other hardware and distributions "complete")

can order DVD from "greensoft" that means paying postage and cost of the DVD (lightscribed), that is a live CD (debian linux mint) that has the game installed to run with all necessary dependencies and install distro to disk (for the drafts of the greenux OS); .iso is available for download from "greensoft" website

extensive use of procedural generation for textures, landscapes, fauna, in game buildings and crafts, internal mazes, etc...

built in chatbots with bot characters are marked up in AIML and become unique based on independent interactions you have with them

built in spellcheck! and markup check! (borrowed spellchecking from chromnium)

in game console with accessible scripting engine in GDScript (Godot native scripting engine) help includes "cheats" which includes how to enable cheats and each individual cheat with its parameters explained

extended options with expert mode including expanded server operator options

nginx server running to host friendica page for game social media functions, routes over I2P; web server administration like webmin and ispconfig; web site generator WYSIWYG editor for making a frontpage and complete website in game;

in game computers use virtualbox to make a debian linux mint instance run within the game on the player's screen

"anon grade" secured against data leaks and tracking, being the first video game known to be used exclusively on the darknet (outproxy nodes are run by the official servers that are made available as "bridges" into the network); defuse passgen code used to generate hexadecimal keys and also used for cryptography in game

dedicated physics simulation with GNU Octave code and interpreter for events like craft maneuvering and weapons collisions, is used for the waveform in audio playback and for compiling screens on electronics in game (live textures);

an instance of hashcat is included within the game VM to literally bruteforce codes in the game

aircrack-ng is included as an instance to run on your in game computer to crack into neighboring networks including ancient military service lines which go into every sector of the known universe

extensive support for trainers and "auto-minedefender" bots/scripts which are allowed in the official servers

compatible with VR (opens two renders from different vertical positions)

video monitor selection in game and 4k support, triple monitor support

gnu octave used to simulate circuits for design for your electronics
see an electronic simulation software package for GNU octave @

decentralized login server for cross platform gamers using blockchain technology, auto syncronize with gamer profile in the game; credentials stored with KeePass (software) to protect from hackers

in game chat using tox has nicks for all server players and also there is a global server chat. experiment with chat rooms including audio and video in tox. chat supports announcements that can be recurring or once with scheduling; hexchat (software) repurposed with TOX for the protocol; password locked chats and openPGP interior text encryption support; alternative to is the eepsite that the integrated browser seamlessly navigates to and enables you to search for friends ingame online

game will run in windows under Cygwin, and all released files are compiled for cygwin

cheats in console require server cooperation or they won't enable; private servers can disable individual commands from running or keep their values within ranges

hard imbed in the source code of each release the most current draft constitution of greenway and when greenway is finally established, hard code in the constitution into the source code (use commenting on the whole thing, put at very bottom of source code, make non-essential to run game {can be stripped out by compilers on demand})

console versions (xbox one and playstation 4) will run an instance of debian linux mint with no xwindows just the game screen, but it should be hackable re-initialize the desktop of lxde which is available through command switch when you execute the game binary (hold down "control" key combination on controller to enable pre-initialization console and use the console screen of your keyboard to type in the command which is available from the greensoft website), and adds wireless keyboard and mouse support for usb devices, allows people to softmod their system using the game as a side loader instead of the system default dashboard

complete forking guide and detailed documentation for all aspects of the game and included programs including the console and a detailed section on "cheats" like god mode and noclip; all lines in source code are commented in a clear and concise fashion that is machine readable


message to developers:


are you interested in working for this project but not sure if you are up to joining? talk to ghost liberty in operation greenway chat @ or email them at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). make sure to make your subject about "new atlantia game" and we will get back to you about opportunities to join and help foster our project. this game is a much smaller part of a much bigger project to create a new nation for citizens of the world. please understand that you may be paid little to nothing if you work on this game but your name will be legendary for all time amoung the opensource community



submitted by ghost_liberty to u/ghost_liberty [link] [comments]

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